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Preparation outline for the : Safety And Security in university campuses - Essay Example

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Where security and safety of students, lecturers and their possessions, and the entire university is uncertain, the learning environment faces an eminent jeopardy that needs an address soonest possible. This has…
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Preparation outline for the : Safety And Security in university campuses
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Extract of sample "Preparation outline for the : Safety And Security in university campuses"

Download file to see previous pages here is a safety and security problem in universities and as such, in Gannon University, that draws a huge impact on the campus community and neighbouring communities.
As a student, am aware of the risks posed by insecurity issues in our campuses. I am committed to engaging and involving people in addressing the security threat in our institutions of higher learning. With a broad network of people that can help us to identify, analyze, address, and solve the problem, I will use my creativity and innovate new ways of cracking the whip on insecurity in collaboration with the administration and the security personnel. I will equally remain focused on this mission and urge you to join the fight against insecurity in Gannon University.
1. The law mandates colleges and universities to provide referenced evidence on the safety and security issues in residence halls in campus and outside campus, in all campus facilities, and activities relating to campus life (5). Gannon University has the following security concerns.
f. Security and safety in the university faces the greatest challenge in the residential halls where effective measures to guarantee security of students, their possessions, and the university facilities is lacking.
2- It is quite true that there are procedures in Gannon University that seek to promote safety and security in the university. The following measures will improve the safety and security situation in Gannon University.
The insecurity problem that lies in Gannon University emanates from lack of effective security measures, lack of security checks, and camera surveillance. This problem is solvable where the entire campus community consolidates their efforts in tackling the problem by community policing, complying with security measures, and initiating a relevant security policy.
There have been considerable efforts by the university management to ensure safety and security in the parking lot, guests visiting the university, university ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preparation Outline for the : Safety And Security in University Essay.
“Preparation Outline for the : Safety And Security in University Essay”, n.d.
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