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Psychological Effects from the Virginia Tech Shooting - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Psychological Effects from the Virginia Tech Shooting The Aftermath of the Virginia Tech Shooting (Psychological Effects from the Virginia Tech Shooting) The Virginia Tech Shooting Shock and devastation, that is, after a university community experienced a mass murder that savaged a great number of people last April 16, 2007…
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Psychological Effects from the Virginia Tech Shooting
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Download file to see previous pages history (Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools, 2010). The school, located in Blacksburg, Va., southwest of Roanoke, perturbed by a certain Seung-Hui Cho (Cho) by opening a fire, was founded in 1872 as a land-grant college which has more than 25,000 students on its 2,600-acre campus. The claimed gunman, Cho, was identified as 23-year old South Korean, a resident alien in the U.S and was in his senior year in English (Broder, Bowley, Stolberg, Sang-hun, Shepard, 2007). Although his family moved to the U.S as early as 1992, he was characterized as a “loner” by the university’s associate vice president, Harry Hincker. On the day of the shooting, Cho was wearing a suit resembled as a Boy Scout with eyeglasses and close cropped hair. Cho’s family were bewildered with the news, knowing that their son was a silent one. According to his family, when Cho was young, he never mingled with other kids. He was known to be well-behaved, all right, but his family honestly opened that his pronounced bashfulness deeply worried them (Sang-Hun, Abruzzesem Kovaleski, Zezima, Buckley, Lee and Rashbaum, 2007). In addition, the relatives of Cho thought he was mute or mentally ill. Meanwhile, back in South Korea, Cho grew up in a shabby place, living in a two-storey apartment with his family. After the incident happened, his family were clueless of why their son would do this thing. However, interviews of students and teachers speculated that his silence will turn into murderous rage given the thorough and meticulous preparation of the massacre he did before his final hours. Nevertheless, despite absence of knowing, inkling of understanding or tinge of apprehension, Cho’s sister gave a statement of apology and expressed their family’s devastation and astonishment. Her sister in her statement uttered that “this is someone [Cho] that I grew up with and loved. Now I feel like I didn’t know this person.” On the other hand, people who witnessed the shooting described it as mass chaos and unimaginable horror scenes (Johnston, Adrews, Abruzzese, Doty & Stout, 2007) as the students in the campus were forced to line up against the wall and shot dead. Some bravely tried to escape by jumping out of windows, squatting on floors to cover from danger and barricading classroom doors to avoid the gunman from entering them. On report, additional 15 individuals were injured in the shooting which lasted for three long dreadful hours. The first attack started early in the morning, logged by a report to a police of a student at 7:15am and followed by the 9:45 attack. Interviews of students stated that the gunman went room to room to look for his ex-girlfriend. Police reports found out that the gunman made used of two weapons (9-millimeter and 22-caliber handgun), one of which was used in killing most of the victims at Norris Hall and at West Ambler Johnston Hall. Dead victims were found in four classrooms and stairways at the same hall while personal belongings were scattered on the second floor. Furthermore, student victims were named. Among which were Ryan Clark, senior, and Emily Hilscher, freshman. Meanwhile, professors killed were likewise identified. Some of whom were Prof. Liviu Librescu, a Romanian Israeli who had lived in the United States for several years, and Dr. G.V. Loknathan, who was originally from India and became an American citizen after arriving in the United Sta ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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