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There are both remarkable ups and incredible downs. Sometimes there are memorable events that I would like to actually have the power to stop the hands of time so I can relish these moments. Other times, events just like to breeze…
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The best moment in my life
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Download file to see previous pages That was the start of the best moments in my life: getting the chance to be immersed in a new lifestyle, to meet new people and develop new relationships, and pursue higher education to attain both personal and professional goals.
I remember arriving in Denver on a bright sunny morning. The moment the plane landed at Denver International Airport, my spirits were incredibly high. I was so amazed by the volume of passengers from diverse cultures just going in and out like bees swarming to make honey. The travel to my destination at the city was brief; but I got to view the magnificent landmarks: the Colorado State Capitol, the Denver Art Museum, the 16th Street Mall, and the Confluence Park, among others. At that instant, I promised to myself that I would have all the time to explore Denver at its best. What was most striking about Denver was despite its modernity, the people were able to restore historical landmarks that showcased Victorian-era homes, such as the Bryers- Evan Homes and Molly Brown House preserved in its grandeur. The architectural styles of most significant edifices were just magnificent that visitors would be awe-inspired and would be transported back in time, despite the ultra-modern environment of the rest of the city.
Another best moment from being in Denver is the opportunity to be immersed slowly to a new culture and virtually new and fast-paced lifestyle. I was so impressed by the way people seem to be so always rushing somewhere, somehow, all the time. When I observe people, nature and historical landmarks as I sit from a bench at Cheesman Park, I noticed that all were immensely engaged in their respective endeavors and it is as if it was only me who was a spectator in their busy world. Likewise, it seemed that it was only me who had not been oriented yet that the park was reportedly one of the most haunted places in Denver. No wonder I seemed to cherish the serenity and complete peacefulness within the grounds – which were apparently ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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