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Introduction to Networking - Essay Example

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Therefore, through needs assessment, it becomes easier to know the vulnerabilities that a computer system may face. There are several methods…
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Introduction to Networking
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Extract of sample "Introduction to Networking"

Introduction to Networking Introduction to Networking Needs assessment is essential in a computer network; it helps in identifying the areas that need to be changed in a computer network. Therefore, through needs assessment, it becomes easier to know the vulnerabilities that a computer system may face. There are several methods used to conduct needs assessment. Each of these methods used has its own strengths and weaknesses (Singh, 2005). Apart from Adventure works questionnaire, the other method that can be used to conduct the needs assessment of a computer network includes system analysis. This method emphasizes on the need to evaluate and analyze the computer system in order to recognize what needs to be changed.
Through system analysis, it becomes easy to assess the networking needs of the computer network. As a result of system analysis, it becomes easier for the organization or entity to know the data they need to communicate and how to do it. Secondly, system analysis helps in recognizing the working styles and business opportunities made possible by the technology of networking. While conducting needs assessment using system analysis, it would be advisable to know the results that should be achieved as well as what the system should do. In addition, while using this method, an organization should make sure that they consider their business processes. This involves looking at whether the business processes depend on accessing or producing information; it also hinges on whether the central storage of information could be of any benefit (Rosenblatt & Shelly, 2011).
During system analysis, the organization should consider the processes that can be supported by networking. For instance, the need of the staff to access centralized customer records, which might help in creating sales quotations. Through system analysis, the organization estimates the future computing requirements. Of the two methods, system analysis can be regarded as the best method to conduct needs assessment of a computer network. This stems from the fact that this method is all inclusive since it includes many aspects. On the other hand, Adventure works tend to be limited in coverage; thus, it would be advisable to choose system analysis than adventure works questionnaire (McClelland, 1995).
Another advantage of system analysis is that it considers the security issues of a computer network. Through system analysis, it becomes easy to set out who will use the computer network, outline the procedures for back-up, and determine the required access controls such as passwords. On the contrary, the use of adventure works questionnaire may not enhance such controls. This is because a questionnaire is time consuming and more expensive to use than system analysis. System analysis can be carried out by the staff of the organization; thus, there is no need to outsource services of professionals. This may not be the case while using questionnaires (Rosenblatt & Shelly, 2011).
Needs should be prioritized in a computer network; the best method to prioritize needs is through assessing the vitality of the needs. As such, vital needs should be addressed before all other needs in a computer network. It is essential that the immediate needs be addressed; this ensures that the essential areas in a computer network are addressed. This way, implementing all the other needs will be easier since the significant needs have already been given priority. Starting with the most critical needs plays a crucial role in decision making. This stems from the fact that some needs play a central role in a computer network. Thus, such needs should be prioritized and addressed before all other needs (McClelland, 1995).
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(Introduction to Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 13)
Introduction to Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 13.
“Introduction to Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 13”, n.d.
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