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Social Networking In Everyday Life - Research Paper Example

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The use of the social media and electronic communication has been on the rise in the recent past. The use of social media has eased the communication process. The paper "Social Networking In Everyday Life" discusses the positive and negative effects of social networking…
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Social Networking In Everyday Life
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Download file to see previous pages The use of social media has eased the communication process. People can communicate across oceans conveniently without having to travel. Some social media facilities support the sending of videos and motion pictures from one person to another. Pictures are among the basic components used to send convincing messages. In addition, pictures and videos are essential for future referencing in case the parties involved in the communications forget some content in the message.
Social networking plays an important role in reducing the communication barriers. Social networks facilitate communication of one’s thoughts and opinions to a large number of the audience (Sethi and Adhikari 9). Some social networks such as Facebook allow the formation of groups to discuss issues of common interest. In this regard, one is exempted from the burden of communicating ideas to people one on one. Formation of such groups aids in saving time and resource. In addition, the decision regarding the subject of discussion is reached faster than organizing physical meetings. In essences, there are many avenues in social networking where like-minded people can meet and to discuss issues of common interest.
Social networking facilitates good relations among members of the world community. For instance, through the social media, people from different countries can date and eventually marry. Additionally, people can organize for event and travel packages more conveniently through the social media than using other communication platforms.
Social networking has increased the chances of business opportunities and the vast spread of information (Richardson and Carroll 42). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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