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American us history to 1877 - Essay Example

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At the middle and late 1700s, several laws were passed by the British Parliament that led to limitations on the freedom of English colonists present in America. Although complaints were made by the colonists, repeated ignorance from the King left no other way than rebelling…
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American us history to 1877
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Extract of sample "American us history to 1877"

Sur 15 June American US History to 1877 Introduction: At the middle and late 1700s, several laws were passed by the British Parliament that led to limitations on the freedom of English colonists present in America. Although complaints were made by the colonists, repeated ignorance from the King left no other way than rebelling (Declaration of Independence Road Trip). The present study focuses on a learning and understanding of why the declaration of independence was written.
The Declaration of Independence:
In the year 1774, the Declaration of Independence was written by the thirteen States of America in response to the tyranny of the then King of Great Britain who was known for his injuries and usurpations that he forced on the states. While it could be expected for the government and the system to have certain rights associated with liberty and life, yet the King of Britain was found to incorporate laws that completely restricted the freedom of the colonies of the United States, and the colonies had been patiently suffering. The King had refused his assent to laws that were needed for the benefit of the public as a whole. He also didn’t allow his Governors to pass those laws that were more important needed immediate attention (The Declaration of Independence).
The King restricted the accommodation of people from large districts and would allow them only if they renounced the right of representation in the legislature. He chose unusual and uncomfortable locations that were far away from the depository of public records for meetings with legislative bodies intending to exhaust them by making them comply with his measures. He obstructed the laws for Naturalization of Foreigners preventing the population of the States. Not only these, he also affected the independence of the military and civil power (The Declaration of Independence).
Considering these above mentioned activities of the King, the Declaration of Independence was written to explain these reasons that restricted the independence of the States and that the States wanted to take measures against such tyranny of the King of Britain. The Representatives of the United States of America thus assembled to the Supreme Judge of the world and wanted their intentions to be supported that were meant for the good of the public in general giving them the right to be free and independent (The Declaration of Independence).
From the above study, it could thus be learnt that the Declaration of Independence was written in order to reach out to the common mankind with the injustice and tyranny that they were been targets of under the rule of the then King of Britain. It was intended to achieve independence from the English rule and thus contained all the activities of the King focusing on the fact that while the ruler should look after the good of public, the King was doing the opposite and that the Declaration was written to get rid of this tyranny and become free.
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(American Us History to 1877 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
American Us History to 1877 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“American Us History to 1877 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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