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Paper on Career and Job Search Issues Mod 3 - Assignment Example

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Anyone can easily have access to huge databases of information about everything. Likewise, the details about career and job can be easily gathered from various online sources which…
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Paper on Career and Job Search Issues Mod 3
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Extract of sample "Paper on Career and Job Search Issues Mod 3"

Career and Job Search In today’s dynamic environment, gathering information about everything is easy and convenient. Anyone can easily have access to huge databases of information about everything. Likewise, the details about career and job can be easily gathered from various online sources which help in developing an understanding about the changing trends in respective fields and what should the graduates do so that their skills are compatible with the demands of employers (Asadullah and Fernández, 2-3).
The most crucial element that the employees are looking for these days is the work-life balance so that they are satisfied with their jobs and are productive enough to make valuable contributions for the organization (Connolly and Gregory, F53). Employees, especially single parents, are looking for some additional benefits in their jobs in the form of family-friendly policies such as flexible working hours, time off from work during pregnancy, compressed schedules, child care, and working from home, among others (Rose, 457; Urban Child Institute, 1).
The prospective job seekers, particularly those who have young children, are aggressively looking for those jobs that will guarantee them work-family balance. Women, who are performing the role of single parents, have to find jobs that will help them in fulfilling their child’s responsibilities and avoiding any type of conflict between work and family (Lopez, Madrigal and Pagés, 2). Hence, the job search websites help these women find the best jobs that are compatible with their requirements (Bender, Donohue and Heywood, 480-82).
The employers need to provide some information about the benefits that they will offer to the job applicants so that they have an idea about the level of work-family life balances will they be able to afford. Since most of the women are looking for jobs that they can do from home, they can even gather information from them on various websites, such as Career Builder and Career Search Database. However, organizations need to consider providing such employees who are looking for flexible working hours some job opportunities; even if these employees are employed as full-time, then they should be given some child care facilities so that they can prosper in their career as well.
Realizing the need of work-family life balance, the organizations are providing their employees, especially single parents, the option of availing the child care facilities so that they can smoothly progress in their career simultaneously. There are three websites that have provided sufficient information and details about the organizations who are providing family-friendly policies to the employees, especially women. The job seekers can visit the websites, i.e. The Urban Child Institute, Career Builder and Career Search Database etc. The experts available on these websites will help the job seekers find the best professions for them.
Hence, every organization needs to address the issue of work-family life balance so that the employee are relieved of their worries about their child care and can increase their productivity to a greater extent. Therefore, the organizations must implement family-friendly policies in their employee handbook so that the work environment and conditions are conducive for the employee and they will be satisfied with their job and it will be evident in their performance.
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