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Careers in Biosciences - Essay Example

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These careers depend on the interests and passions of an individual. In biosciences, there are different levels of study, which are organism level, molecular level or even the environmental level. This paper is a…
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Careers in Biosciences
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Extract of sample "Careers in Biosciences"

Careers in Biosciences CAREERS IN BIOSCIENCES Very many careers are currently available for biologists. These careers depend on the interests and passions of an individual. In biosciences, there are different levels of study, which are organism level, molecular level or even the environmental level. This paper is a discussion of the varieties of careers in biomedical sciences.
I desire to pursue a career in bioinformatics. This is a field of biomedical sciences, which uses computer technology to study the expression of genes. I think this is a favorable career for me because I am academically strong in both biochemistry and bioinformatics. I also have excellent computing skills that will come in handy when pursuing my career. Of late, I have been analyzing the available careers for me, and the more I came to learn about bioinformatics the more I got interested in it. I now have my passion buried deep inside bioinformatics.
The job market in bioinformatics has changed considerably in recent years. This can be attributed to the increase in academic programs in bioinformatics, which has lead to the increase in the number of graduates who are chasing jobs. Nowadays, employers look for employees who are qualified in this field. There is also an increase in the number of academic jobs compared to industrial jobs. Additionally, the number of research programs that require bioinformatics skills has been on the increase (Belikoff et al, 2004 p56).
The area of bioinformatics that has interested me the most is the database administration. I am critically thinking of majoring in this field. On a day-to-day basis, database administration involves the designing and maintaining of huge databases, which hold data related to biochemical information and genome sequences. Databases need to be constantly updated, and this is the work of a database administrator (Camenson, 2006 p67). Database administration also involves developing of search algorithms that must be intelligent, and are used to search through the database, to retrieve the relevant information (Lacroix & Terence, 2007 p90).
The major employer of bioinformatics graduates is the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, other companies involved in biotech, personal care products and industrial organisms and agricultural companies require individuals who are skilled in bioinformatics (Moussalli et al, 2010 p87). Potential employers look for graduates who have been trained in computer skills and biological sciences. Those in the biomedical sciences with Information Technology background have an added advantage. Several academic training programs that are now available; many universities are now planning to start offering out these programs (Srinivas, 2005 p100).
Experience and volunteer work can go a long way in getting one a job. For bioinformatics, I prefer to go for internships during the summer at corporations such as Lung LLC, which is also known as the United Therapeutics Corporation located in Florida Satellite beach. While doing this, I will be able to attain the necessary experience required in the field. I also plan to form close relationships with individuals in the bioinformatics field so that they can provide me with more details regarding in my career. This is possible through joining blogs where I can get information, which will answer my queries (Thurman, 2009 p45).
Bioinformatics is a broad and interesting field for an individual who has an interest in computer technology and biology. Many employment opportunities for graduates are associated with this particular field of bioscience. This paper has discussed a career in bioscience, the detail and the requirements that corporations are focusing on today.
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