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In order for a project to be as success, there is need to properly manage all the processes involved. Against this background, this report has been designed to analyse critically…
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Download file to see previous pages JS Marketing specifically deals with marketing organically produced foodstuffs to a niche market comprised of the elderly and the affluent within the surrounding geographical area. However, as our business is expanding, we have realised that setting up a C2C site is a strategic initiative which can lead to growth of our customer base given that they may have the opportunity to interact and share their ideas about the products we offer among themselves. This can help us to improve our product offerings since we will be in a better position to fulfil the needs of the customers. On the other hand, the customers already existing can also refer new customers to our products. As such, we are proposing to set up a new C2C site for our local niche market.
In order to effectively carry out this project, we propose that we must set up a team of five individuals and this team will take a leading role in defining the tasks that need to be fulfilled in order for this project to be a success. We also anticipate that this team will carry a thorough research about the needs and interests of the customers as well as identify the resources needed in order to implement this particular project. The main objective of this project is to promote connectivity among the customers so that they can freely share their ideas about the products we offer and we believe that there are long term benefits for this initiative. Therefore, we propose that this project can kick off on the 1st of July 2010 and we anticipate that it will be completed in eight weeks time.
As a team we have agreed that project management principles have to be applied in this initiative so that it can be a success. Basically, “project management is a combination of steps and techniques for keeping the goals and objectives, budget and schedule in order so as to achieve the desired outcome,” (Fox, 2008, p. 38). In this particular case, we have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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