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The focus of this assignment will be on ‘Redesigning an Office.’ No matter what the projects are, projects involve risks and uncertainties. Some projects may require some or all of the team members from another project and this means that scheduling of project activities are very important…
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Project Management Principles
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Download file to see previous pages A typical project goes through a cycle. The standard cycle involves four phases – initiation, planning, execution and closure. In most cases changes are required to the initial plan and this involves a process of adaptation (See diagram of a six phase cycle in Appendix 2). The cycle starts with the initiation of the project during which time the scope and objectives of the project are determined. The Planning stage sets out the human resource plan, the financing plan, the communication plan, the risk management plan. After all the activities are determined and a schedule is prepared the project is implemented. If monitoring indicates that things are not going as planned then project manager needs to adapt, adjust the plan and implement the changes. The results are then checked against the project plan and if every thing is satisfactory and the objectives have been achieved then the project can be closed (RDI 2009).
1.1 Analysis of project phases
This project involves the redesign of office space to accommodate new members of staff. Wysocki (2009) indicates that effective project management is not the product of a fixed set of steps to be followed in every project. However, effective project management requires that projects go through a series of steps that are clearly defined (RDI 2009). According to PM4DEV (2007) projects operate as part of a system and they involve a high level of uncertainty. Project phases are divisions within a project where additional controls are needed to effectively manage the completion of a major deliverable (PMI 2008, p. 18). By dividing the projects in several phases the project manager is able to integrate both internal and external factors in the planning process. It allows for proper control of the project and ensures that each phase is completed before moving to the next. The five major phases of a project are: identification of needs; formation of objectives and project definition; detailed planning and scheduling; project activity management; and closure and feedback (RDI 2009). 1.1.1 Identification of n ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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