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Developing Scenarios of the Future of the Social Networking Sector Strategic Decision Making - Assignment Example

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BUSINESS PORTFOLIO DEVELOPING SCENARIOS OF THE FUTURE OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKING SECTOR STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING U51071 By Name: College: Presented to: Date: Business Portfolio Systems thinking is a new and better way of testing ideas regarding social systems, the same way engineering systems are tested…
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Developing Scenarios of the Future of the Social Networking Sector Strategic Decision Making
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Download file to see previous pages This model considers the social network systems as interactive systems with different components that have to be considered, and how they interact with one another. The model as designed represents a technology push innovation. Technology push describes a situation where an emerging technology, or a set of existing technologies act as the driving force of an innovative product and mode of problem solution in the market (Herstatt & Lettl 2000, 2). In this case, the new social networking technology when transformed into a radical product or process innovation claims its own market positions. The use of social networking in social communication and in a business platform represents an innovation that has come into being out of research and development. The fact that technology push is marked by a higher market uncertainty requires different methods in social networking are required to win in a competitive market (Herstatt & Lettl 2000, 2). ...
s have to apply business model innovations that respond to changes in the external and internal environments, and anticipate market needs in such a new environment to enhance value creation in serving customers. The type of reasoning used in this method was inductive reasoning. This is because; inductive reasoning requires increasing semiotics content in inferring information as one proceeds from premises to a conclusion (Wilheim 2004, 21). The various facts that affect communication in social networking as a social tool, or a business platform were considered when making an informed conclusion, constituting to an inductive reasoning. Evaluation: Systems thinking Summary of Osterwalder & Pigneur Business Model Canvas The advantage of the systems theory is its potential to offer a trans-disciplinary framework that necessitates normative and critical real relationships between human perceptions, and the worlds they purport to represent (Laszlo & Krioppner 1998, 3). Therefore companies have to employ business –models innovations aimed at responding to both internal and external changes, and in anticipating market needs in a process of creating value to customers. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, and Twitter have millions of fans globally who visit these sites each month (Kazeniac, 2009). These sites have of late gained much attention and support from multinationals and other organizations in search of markets making it plausible to have an integrated platform that connects these social networks with business platforms to tap this rich market. The proposed model on the future of social networks offers in integration of factors necessary to enhance effective communication in both the social and corporate world. For example, students, companies, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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