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The Vision of Improving Service and Creating a Better Organisational Culture - Statistics Project Example

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The paper describes the company’s largest competitor as Aldi, a German-owned discount grocery chain. It competes with many different low-price model supermarket stores, therefore differentiation is key to improving sales, along with a strong customer service focus…
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The Vision of Improving Service and Creating a Better Organisational Culture
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Download file to see previous pages The project stakeholders in the new complaints process include the customers themselves, who must be measured by their market segment beliefs and their buying behaviours, along with cultural differences. Stakeholders also include employees and managers, who will be responsible for supporting, planning, and implementing the new change programme. Internal stakeholders will include divisional managers, information technology support, sales associates in-store, and the marketing division that must be responsible for research needed to support ongoing changes to meet customer demands outlined in their complaints documentation. The internal teams or divisions identified will have a direct influence on the success of this project as their skills and knowledge related to unique business function will be necessary to support this change. Information technology support will be called upon to improve existing customer relationship management systems and implement new systems software packages. Sales associates are important stakeholders in this project as the majority of complaints will likely come from the in-store experience. Training will be a primary focus for sales associates internationally to assist in improving customer service philosophy. Because the business is privately owned and not a publicly traded organisation, Lidl has no investor stakeholders that might pressure the business to change its service dimensions. All decisions will be made internally without concern over investor influence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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