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Activities and Estimate Activity Durations in Project Management - Essay Example

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This essay, Activities and Estimate Activity in Project Management, declares that project management involves aspects, which enable the implementation an effective management structure lead towards the achievement of objectives such as the project activities and estimate of activity durations…
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Activities and Estimate Activity Durations in Project Management
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Extract of sample "Activities and Estimate Activity Durations in Project Management"

Project management involves aspects, which enable the implementation an effective management structure lead towards the achievement of objectives such as the project activities and estimate of activity durations. Subsequently, this necessitates the proper understating of the two terms in project management process, which are activities and estimate activity durations.
Activities in a project management are the smallest components of work in the activities involved in a project’s plan, also referred to as tasks. These activities are characterized by four aspects, which include the definition of definite duration, expenses associated with the project, logic connections of a unit to related activities in the project being undertaken, and the number of resources the unit require for a successful expected performance rate (Schwalbe 109).
The process of assigning durations to specific activity is a main managerial aspect to an effective management planning strategy of a project. Estimate Durations activity thereby is the procedure followed to approximate the number of work time intervals required by a personnel to complete the assigned activity in the project. This means that the time the activity is to start and end is approximated based on a number of factors including the availability of the resources, estimates of the resources involved, nature of task, and the outcome rate expected of employed resources (Jackson & Schumacher 1). Estimate activity duration involve the design of work periods in terms of calendars assigned to specific personnel in the project. The calendar defines the time estimate for the completion of the activity, resources availability, and allocation, and the nature of work to be undertaken (Jackson & Schumacher 3).
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