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Audience Analysis Memo - Assignment Example

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The memo will include the perceived audiences, their needs, thoughts, expectations and the imperativeness of the document. The project being…
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Audience Analysis Memo
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Extract of sample "Audience Analysis Memo"

Audience Analysis Memo June 9, of the Audiences for the Final Project Student
The memo offers audience analysis for the final project in which various resources are utilized to generate the required profile. The memo will include the perceived audiences, their needs, thoughts, expectations and the imperativeness of the document. The project being undertaken is about cross-cultural edification prior to conducting business in China.
The memo allows one to plan the final project by establishing the primary and derivative audiences, together with their requirements. Additionally, the memo presents the attitudes from the perceived audience together with their anticipations, regarding the project being undertaken. Offering these descriptions have considerable influence on the completion of the presented project since these descriptions provide the focus points.
Audience Analysis
The primary audiences are decision makers of the senior level who include CEOs and other executives involved in global business. The secondary audiences are the middle management that usually facilitates communication between the senior management and workers without management roles (Adebi, 2008). Other audiences may comprise of business players in the industry and regular workers. The audiences have profound educational backgrounds and their job responsibilities may include change management, eradicating barriers and creating an organizational culture (Adebi, 2008). The age ranges between 25-65 years with the gender being well distributed throughout the company’s positions.
The audience possesses diversified ethnic background with most being from China, which serves as the host country. The religious beliefs ought to be considered due to the diversity of the employees (Didier, 2002). The audiences have little knowledge concerning the topic and, therefore, require deep training regarding the matter. The audiences have considerable interest regarding the topic and offer positive attitudes towards the topic. The audiences require cross-cultural knowledge, since they have to cope with individuals possessing diverse cultures in China. Therefore, the audiences expect to acquire knowledge concerning cultural diversity, and ways to avert bias at the workplace.
Adebi, P. (2008). Middle managements role in managing change. Retrieved from
Didier, M. (2002). Audience analysis questions. Read More
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(Audience Analysis Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Audience Analysis Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Audience Analysis Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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