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Online Writing Resources - Assignment Example

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Therefore, the message becomes clear, convincing, and relevant to the reader. One should use action verbs to describe skills, experience, and…
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Online Writing Resources
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Extract of sample "Online Writing Resources"

Online Writing Resources Job Search Writing Preparing an Application When preparing a job application, resumes and cover letters should be designed to suit a specific audience (skimmers and skeptics). Therefore, the message becomes clear, convincing, and relevant to the reader. One should use action verbs to describe skills, experience, and accomplishments.
Job Search Letters
A cover letter introduces an individual to the potential employers. Since it is the first impression, the applicant can explain their experience/skills in prose and in-depth. The letter acts as a sample of the applicant’s written communication skills. One should also use this opportunity to show one’s knowledge of the company.
Resumes and Vitae
Resumes should contain contact information, education, work experience, and objectives. Resumes and vitae should be tailored to suit the company and job position prompting the application. The resume may only exceed two pages if the level of experience surpasses entry level positions.
Professional and Technical Writing
Effective Workplace Writing
Workplace writing is rhetorical and has a user-centered design. Therefore, be it reports, memos or business letters, the language should be persuasive and reader-centered. The reason for writing should be clear.
Audience Analysis
Before writing, one should consider the reader. In order to write a rhetorical and reader-centered message, the writer has to do a background check on the end-user of that information. User-centered writing, considers the writer, the user, and the consequences of acting upon the message.
Tone in Business Writing
The tone of writing depicts the writer’s attitude towards the user and the subject. Whether writing a memo, letter or report, the message should be structured with the reader in mind, to fulfill the objective. The writer should use non-discriminatory language in a clear, courteous and confident manner.
US Higher Education: A ‘local’ Introduction for ESL Students
Forms of Address
The American culture requires the ESL to be familiar with the ‘local’ norms. The student should maintain clear forms of address (Mister, Sir, Professor, or Doctor) depending on a particular instructor’s preferences. Titles should only be used with last names (family names).
Maintaining Lines of Communication
One should always maintain lines of communication by keeping in touch and checking emails. It is also advisable to use official emails when communicating. If one is a student, using one’s university email address shows institutional affiliation when applying for an internship.
Things to Avoid
Plain language is always preferable when writing or speaking. When communicating, it important to avoid lavishing praise or gifts. Keeping it simple is considered prudent. One should avoid being late and using cell phones during one-on-one conferences.
Academic Writing
Rhetorical Situations
People understand rhetoric differently: as trickery or persuasiveness. Simply put, it is any form of communication that alters the opinion of others. Rhetoric has evolved to include an understanding and identification of other peoples’ ideas. Understanding rhetoric leads to an organized, audience-centered, and convincing writing.
Establishing Arguments
When writing, the thesis statement or main claim should be clear. Persuasive writing poses a debatable topic sentence, for which people have differing opinions. The idea is to write argumentatively in a way that people can share ideas, pass ideas, and alter the perspectives of others. Claims fall into different categories: claims of fact, cause and effect, solution and policies, and value. One should decide the type of claim that suits the main argument.
Appropriate Language
Academic writing requires one to structure the contents of their documents to suit a specific audience. Inappropriate language can alienate the reader, nullify the argument and damage the writers’ credibility. One should take note of the audience’s expectations on levels of formality and using avoid slang language. The language used should not be biased, deceitful, or euphemistic. In-group jargons should only be used when addressing people of a specific group.
Email Etiquette
Composing an Email to a Stranger
When addressing unknown people, it is important to consider their titles and positions in the society. The subject of the email should be clear and meaningful. The message should come after greeting the recipient. The use of capitalization, spelling, and punctuation should be in accordance with the appropriate language and tone of writing. The message should be communicated in clearly and directly using short paragraphs.
Guidelines for Continuing Email Conversations
Greetings are not necessary for the follow-up emails. Responses should be timely and reasonable depending on the recipient’s expectations. Avoid copying past messages while sending new messages to keep the new email neat and short.
Information that should not be sent via Email
Emails are not as private as people perceive. Most people do not have the additional set-up to encrypt emails; meaning the emails are “open” and can be viewed by unintended persons or hackers. One should avoid sending usernames, passwords, credit card and bank account information.
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