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The benefits of cycling: a marketing opportunity for Powerbike in Thailand - Assignment Example

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Cycling also offers high flexibility and increased mobility to a colossal group of population. Cycling is also popular among the group of people which could not afford a car. Therefore the…
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The benefits of cycling: a marketing opportunity for Powerbike in Thailand
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Download file to see previous pages The bicycle retail shop is situated at Roi Et in Thailand and was founded in the year 2006. Power bike is already established as a successfully run business and is engaged in selling accessories related to bicycles and maintenance and repair of bicycles as well. Nui and Ning are presently the owners of Power bike. The business firm has in offer a wide range of bicycles to suit the needs and requirements of different types of customers. Recently Power bike is thinking of expanding its business to generate greater revenues and have a sustainable growth in future. In order to become successful in implementing its expansion strategy it needs to develop a strong marketing strategy for the same. The organization is also looking for the opportunity to establish its business in the market of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.
The report will highlight the overview of the company and its product and services. Apart from that the report will also emphasize on the matters related to marketing opportunity of Power bike in Bangkok. The promotional policy and the positioning strategy will be also underlined in the project. Finally the report will give an insight of the Bangkok market and the favorable factors which can be used by the company in order to expand.
Powerbike has in offer a wide variety of products and services for its customers. The business firm primarily sells six types of different bicycles to suit the needs and requirements of its customers. They are:
1) Mountain bikes: These types of bicycles are mostly designed to be driven through any types of terrain because they are strongly built. The product is capable of managing any type of territory. It is specially designed for upward climbing and to handle rough surfaces of mountain. Especially the tires of the cycle were designed by employing superior technology in order to make sure that it do not gets wired out quickly.
2) Road bikes: These types of bicycles are characterized by having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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