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Marketing Opportunity for Power Bike in Thailand - Assignment Example

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The paper "Marketing Opportunity for Power Bike in Thailand" describes that marketing is a strategic step undertaken to harmonize the relating ideology of how customers are serviced by a business entity. This is one of the strategic involvements that power bike company has undertaken in Thailand…
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Marketing Opportunity for Power Bike in Thailand
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Extract of sample "Marketing Opportunity for Power Bike in Thailand"

Download file to see previous pages This is one of the strategic involvements that power bike company has undertaken in Thailand to score their contemporary positioning in the market segment. The company is set upon a basis that the consumers of a commodity are the key determinants to its supply, so that should they be missing then there is no enterprise to score their needs because there would be nothing to necessitate the quest. Due to the existence of the consumers to provide for their formidable market, the forerunners of Power bike entity are set to satisfy their consumer's demands. Their entrepreneurial involvements target a market to satisfy the travel needs alongside complementary needs such as recreation.
The report herein is about a marketing and strategic approach to establishing a marketing opportunity, both in essence and practicability within the Thailand region and neighboring capital, Bangkok. The business in question is that of power bikes which have been set by a company entitled to a family setting; that is, by the two siblings Nui and Ning. This region is globally reputable for the biking business, especially that in its current standing it is on the global picture of shedding a limelight to the biking industry. The biking industry is used as a sample to a business approach strategy aimed at incorporating excellent standards in the entrepreneurial world. The method here entails an explanation to all the parameters as regards aspects like capital, apt explanations to the demographics and psychographics to the immediate community and the future expansion strategies and possibilities. In this regard, the socio-contextual framework is some of the major parameters in question yet to be seen into.
They include the population of the area, socialization patterns, economic activities in the broader perspective, education levels of the local residents as well as their international immigrating counterparts, governance of the region and related demographics, skilled versus non-skilled manpower, just to mention but a few. Socialization agents like other private corporations and organizations like Rotary International; which has solely in its capacity been of service to governmental interest’s further boost the enterprise. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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