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The Positioning Strategy of the Power Bike Company - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the Powerbike Company that is a highly competitive and potential participant in the bike industry sector in Thailand. Considering its experience in Roi Et, opening a shop in Bangkok may be regarded as a highly successful idea that will help to cover the 9 million target audience…
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The Positioning Strategy of the Power Bike Company
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Extract of sample "The Positioning Strategy of the Power Bike Company"

Download file to see previous pages Powerbike Company is aimed at conquering the leading position on the bicycle market in Thailand, and, considering the research results by De Chatel and Hunt (2003), it should be emphasized that the marketing opportunities are extremely favorable. The marketing strategy, in its turn, should be built on the principle that bicycle is the universal vehicle that is suitable for everyone. In light of the fact that fossil fuels become more and more expensive, the Powerbike marketing strategy can create an effective promo campaign emphasizing the independence of these vehicles from oil and gas. As for the positioning strategy of the company, the emphasis should be made on cycling as sport and recreation activities, pointing out the availability of these vehicles for the immense audience. Consequently, the marketing strategy should be segmented considering tastes, preferences, aims, and income levels of the audience. Considering the likelihood of occupying the service niche, the Powerbike needs to consider not only bike sales, but also rent, servicing (including preparing for cycling seasons, long journeys, etc), teaching, parking, etc. The possible variants are numerous, and each can be initiated for creating the devoted audience and improving the communication process with the customers. The demographic and psychographic aspects of selling bicycles are mainly based on the general concepts of selling vehicles, however, some authors (Warr, 2004; Van Trung, 2008) emphasize the distinctions for the bicycle market and its target audience. Therefore, considering the necessity to penetrate the market, the Powerbike Company will have to target existing riders, as well as those who only plan to purchase their first bike. Potential and existing riders will require two different approaches towards the marketing strategy, as well as the positioning principles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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