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For interdependency and collaboration to be encouraged within a team, it is the duty of the team leader to give the required sustenance and arrangement needed by the team. This is by reaching out for the right people to form a team. Selection of team members should be done and…
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SAM 400 UNIT 8
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Effective Team and Team Leader For interdependency and collaboration to be encouraged within a team, it is the duty of the team leader to give the required sustenance and arrangement needed by the team. This is by reaching out for the right people to form a team. Selection of team members should be done and each team member to be assigned a task that is suitable for him or her. No one can perform every task. In addition, the team needs to have undergone proper training in addition to having resources needed in skill development. By introducing cross training in a team, it will facilitate the team members to be aware that their tasks are mutually dependent thereby increasing the flexibility of the team and increasing the team’s response time (Musselwhite, 2007).
The team’s response quality is extremely reliant on the feedback gotten from the leader of the team, customers and other members of the team. Musselwhite (2007) asserts that obtaining timely feedback is vital to the team’s success. On the other hand, the team leader is supposed to make sure that feedback has reached the whole team according to its metrics and goals. In addition, feedback is supposed to be obtained in time in case of corrections and adjustments. Mostly, feedback is obtained too late for it to add any practical value. Even if feedback may be used in planning future things, instant corrections needed in performance may not be enhanced by it.
Feedback can be termed as a productive communication. It is very useful to a team leader. Communication that is productive within the team is very essential. This communication among team members may lead to improvement in the productivity and quality of the team. Timely feedback can differentiate between a team viewing mistakes as great opportunities and a team that is concealing its mistakes (Musselwhite, 2007). In a certain point when the team sees faults as chances of improving the results of a team, it indicates that the leader of that team has effectively developed an environment that endorses solving of problems. When the members of the team are allowed to develop their performance, they can be more engaged and proactive. Moreover, teams have big ownership of results discovered by them.
According to Musselwhite (2007), another way of creating a team structure that is overly effective is by developing an environment suitable to solve problems. In case the structure of the team is poorly arranged, it can lead to negative behaviors among the team members and hinder communication. In an event whereby the team is having problems, it is the duty of the leader to center on the structure of the team before putting focus on the team members.
In conclusion, mere collaborative participation of a member in a team does not necessarily guarantee the desired results. The leader is supposed to help people who have no experience so that the success of a team may be guaranteed. Team leaders who do not participate in the duties of the team may lead to amorphous decision making processes of the team. In addition, team leaders who are focusing on making sure that there is sufficient knowledge and enhance interaction in the team will enable the team to transform to even greater heights (Musselwhite, 2007).
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Musselwhite, Chris. “Building and Leading High performance Teams.” 2007. Web. 2 June 2012 <>. Read More
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SAM 400 UNIT 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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