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Human Resources- Result PartThe relationship between supervisors leadership style and subordinate perceptions of job satisfaction paper - Essay Example

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Data is recorded in regard to the different contextual units e.g. age, gender, working hours and the nature of employment and…
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Human Resources- Result PartThe relationship between supervisors leadership style and subordinate perceptions of job satisfaction paper
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Download file to see previous pages is, these hierarchical models will allow us to assess the extent to which regression coefficients vary across the different groups while taking up strength from the full model.
A hierarchical regression is used because the independent variables are extremely correlated. When these correlated variables are simultaneously included in the regression model, multi-co linearity comes up.
Data presentation was done under different aggregation variables. The variables include age, gender, work experience, position held and the level of education. The data analysis has a constant of 1.065 in column B and a constant standard deviation of 0.411 in model 1, a constant of 0.404 in B column and a constant standard error of 0.353 in model 2. Model 3 has a constant B column of 4.53 and a constant standard error of 0.367. To complete this data, the three sets of data from the models have been evaluated. The evaluation focused on the reliability of information from the variables from the different questionnaires, the representativeness of the population of the dependent variables and the bearing of substantial differences between the models. Communication competence and working hours t-test figure arrived at is zero (0.00). This shows they have a low effect on the employee job satisfaction from the analysis of the data.
The first two variables, age and gender, show negative unstandardized coefficients in model 1. The fourth variable, ORG tenure, also has a negative unstandardized coefficient in B column in model 1. Education level has a negative figure in model 2 and 3. The leadership style in model 3 is portrayed as a negative. The negative figures are indicated in the unstandardized and standardized coefficients and the t-test result figure. The negative figure indicates that the variable has an insignificant effect on job satisfaction and stress.
From the data collected from different individuals of different ages, education levels, employment nature and different employment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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