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The integration of the philosophical foundations of human rights - Thesis Example

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.the concept of human rights raises problems that are, on the one hand, practical and urgent, and on the other hand, theoretical and abstract” (Freeman, “The Philosophical Foundation of Human Rights”). This indicates that there are…
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The integration of the philosophical foundations of human rights
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Extract of sample "The integration of the philosophical foundations of human rights"

Download file to see previous pages Since the traditional period, the practical or rather the political arguments with regards to human rights have been provided with due concern, apparently more than the philosophist or the theoretical explanations. One such significance behind providing comparatively lesser significance towards philosophical explanations concerning human rights can be identified as the complex presentation of the related theories. Since the philosophist have presented the theories related to human rights in multi-dimensional perspectives, it becomes quite difficult to apply its assumptions critically linking with the practical or political arguments. Thus, effort needs to be made in order to minimise the complexities in the philosophical views of human rights with the intention to reduce challenge in terms of implementation (Freeman, “The Philosophical Foundation of Human Rights”).
There must be integration between the theoretical views as well as the practical views in order to gain a comprehensive perspective related to human rights However, this integration can prove to be highly complicated in order to present a comprehensive explanation of the conception from both the perspective of political and philosophical. It is in this context that the activists who are under pressure to rescue individual from impending injustice tends to pay low priority towards the theoretical views rendering comparatively greater emphasis towards philosophist theories when weighed against the notion presented by politicians to emphasise over practical arguments proportionately by a large extent. However, those approaching the philosophers, for developing an in depth understanding of the theoretical perspective regarding human rights, might be disappointed owing to the fact that theoretical or philosophical arguments are uncertain (Freeman, “The Philosophical Foundation of Human Rights”).
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The Integration of the Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights Thesis.
“The Integration of the Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights Thesis”, n.d.
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