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Describe the architecture, strategy, infrastructure, technology, performance assessment metrics, and process of an McKinsey & Company's supply chain. What do you think is the best DNA for its supply chain and why - Essay Example

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McKinsey & Company is a world class management consulting firm that helps the global leading governments, organizations and corporations to redesign their strategic challenges and opportunities. The firm offers advisory services to senior management of various companies on…
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Describe the architecture, strategy, infrastructure, technology, performance assessment metrics, and process of an McKinsey & Companys supply chain. What do you think is the best DNA for its supply chain and why
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Extract of sample "Describe the architecture, strategy, infrastructure, technology, performance assessment metrics, and process of an McKinsey & Company's supply chain. What do you think is the best DNA for its supply chain and why"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, it also provides advisory services on best sourcing strategies, lean retailing, cost reduction, pricing, and network and revenue management (“McKinsey & Company”).
Every business organization must master its industry and environment fully if it has to succeed in a given industry. Organizations need to keep record of regulatory changes, competitive dynamics and technological advancements within an industry for the purposes of competing and thriving in an industry. For example, brainpower and technology have been applied by numerous companies for purposes of improving their supply chain performance. The emergence of point-of-scale scanners has allowed numerous companies to capture the voice of customers. Data interchange that is electronic has allowed all supply chain stages to listen to customer voices and react accordingly through the use of rapid logistics, automated warehousing and flexible manufacturing thus making McKinsey & Company not to be an exception.
McKinsey & Company consultant’s draws their achievement from many years of direct experiences in frontline as well as deeper understanding of their industry to ensure success of their clients’. Functional disciplines that are excellent can break or make organization’s capability to keep up with change. From the McKinsey & Company operations to strategy, they are committed to help their clients to boost their performance and improve on their functioning skills. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to describe the strategy, architecture, performance assessment metrics, infrastructure, technology and process of McKinsey& Company’s supply chain. In addition to that, the paper will document the perfect DNA for its supply chain and the reason for particular DNA proposal.
McKinsey & Company human resource management is very responsible for defining the architecture of the organization. McKinsey & Company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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