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Mckinsey 7's internal analysis of KONE - Article Example

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The organization thrives in offering the best customer and user experience by making use of innovative solutions based on People Flow (KONE, n.d, n.p). Numerous development programs are in place…
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Mckinsey 7s internal analysis of KONE
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Extract of sample "Mckinsey 7's internal analysis of KONE"

Internal Analysis of KONE Corporation Using Mckinsey 7S Framework By + Internal Analysis of KONE Corporation Using McKinsey’s 7S Framework
The vision of the KONE Corporation is to create the best flow experience for people. The organization thrives in offering the best customer and user experience by making use of innovative solutions based on People Flow (KONE, n.d, n.p). Numerous development programs are in place within the organization to support its vision. The organization reviews these strategies regularly to ensure that they conform to the goals, mission and vision statements of the organization (Hanafizadeh& Ravasan, 2011, p 43). The company places emphasis on two tenets during the course of its operations: Quality and safety.
KONE Corporation has an articulate organizational structure designed to ensure that the company performs well (Gandhi, Selladurai & Santhi, 2006, p. 41). The organization has a two-tier structure, representing two business lines: New Equipment Business and Service Business. The organization further divides its structure into five regions in which it has a presence: Central and North Europe, Greater China, Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Western and Southern Europe. Its president, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, heads the entire organization, and enjoys the assistance of different managers heading the departments of Customer Experience, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Communications, Safety Quality and Installation, Legal Affairs and Strategic Alliances (KONE in brief, n.d, n.p).
KONE Corporation has invested in the latest technology for purposes of manufacturing its products and in delivering its services since technological advancements make operational processes more efficient (Hanafizadeh & Ravasan, 2011, p 51). In addition, it has adopted the use of technology to ensure that administrative services at the organization are effective. KONE, being a global leader in the escalator and elevator industry, ensures that it updates its systems so that the customer has the best experience when using its products. The organization rolled out the People Flow experience which ensures that people using KONE products are able to shop smoothly, comfortably, safely and without delays caused by waiting in queues for space (KONE in brief, n.d, n.p).
Shared Values
The values shared at KONE are simple to understand and follow (, 2014, n.p). The first one is Customer Delight. This entails ensuring that the customer receives the best services and working to exceed the expectations of the customers. KONE stays with their customers throughout its product’s life cycle to assist whenever the need to do so presents itself. Second is Energy for Renewal. The driving force of KONE Corporation is the desire to continue improving its operations. Third is Passion for Performance. The organization ensures that it keeps its word to both its customers and investors. Last is Winning Together. The company invites all its stakeholders to take part in the activities of the organization by allowing them to share ideas and information (Gandhi, Selladurai & Santhi, 2006, p. 44).
KONE has adopted an all-inclusive style of operations in its ranks (KONE in brief, n.d, n.p). Contributions on new ideas and innovations emerge from both the employees at the organization and members of the public (White, Case & Pratt, 2014, P.112). This approach of doing business ensures that KONE constantly responds to emerging trends in the manufacturing of lifts and escalators, maintaining its clientele and attracting new and potential clients (Hanafizadeh& Ravasan, 2011, p 49).
At KONE Corporation, potential employees gain insight regarding the fact that the organization is an equal opportunity employer (White, Case & Pratt, 2014, P.89). All members of staff gain approval after passing an interview. Currently, KONE has more that 43000 employees. The staff at KONE Corporation gains the requisite training to be friendly and professional when dealing with customers. KONE Corporation continues to develop its human resource by training specialists in the various fields of operation within organization. The company has a strict code of conduct for its employees, with a board that ensures the implementation of this code.
The organization hires the best expertise in its operational field, making sure that they have the level of training that they are required to have (, 2014, n.p). The management at KONE Corporation understands that the quality of its employees will reflect on its products and services. It strives to ensure that the value of its employees remains sacred through regular training programs for employees at different levels of management (Gandhi, Selladurai & Santhi, 2006, p. 67).
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