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Compare Mass Transit and High Speed Railway in China and the US - Essay Example

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Mass transit is increasingly hailed as an environmentally safer alternative mode of travel for inter-city as well as within city commuters (Freemark, 2010). However, the concept of…
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Compare Mass Transit and High Speed Railway in China and the US
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Extract of sample "Compare Mass Transit and High Speed Railway in China and the US"

Download file to see previous pages ormation from journals, books, newspapers and websites so that comparative data on the performance of the two countries on sustainability can be evaluated. The research found that China , being in a stage of rapid development and economic growth, has identified its mass transit systems as the backbone or as a pillar for growth. This attitude leads to rapid and innovative development of the mass transit system that is financially secure and environmentally sustainable. China also uses investments in mass transit as a propeller for effective and sustainable economic growth over the long term. China has also enhanced scope for continued development and expansion of the mass transit system as more and more regions need to be connected to bring about further growth impetus to the nation. On the other hand, the USA approaches mass transit as a necessary evil that needs to be sustained through subsidies and maintenance so that the public is kept satisfied and there is minimum harm to the environment. The lack of focus on the mass transit system makes the USA mass transit financially weak and causes environmental vulnerability. The USA also loses out on actively deploying the mass transit system to regenerate its economy. The research makes several recommendations like imbibing centralized planning and strategy, diversifying financial funding, focus on centralized and targeted environmental monitoring for mass transit and development of service quality.
This chapter contains a discussion of the conceptual framework that is used to compare the mass transit systems for the USA and China. The framework is based on the available literature on sustainability of transit systems and consists of financial, environmental, economic sustainability. It next contains a discussion of the sustainability of mass transit systems across the globe, and with a specific emphasis on the USA and China. While the research is aimed at comparing the mass transit systems sustainability between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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