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Is high speed railway a better way to promote benefits to public - Essay Example

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Taking a general definition of high-speed, International Union of Railways defines High-speed rail as a type of rail transport that operates…
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Is high speed railway a better way to promote benefits to public
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Extract of sample "Is high speed railway a better way to promote benefits to public"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, over the historic moment, the train has been evolving and the Japanese system was the first in the world, starting in 1964. It has borrowed a lot from it foster mothers of coal engine. However, most of high-speed rail is usually designed for passenger travels although some are used for freight services.
Like any transport system, high-speed railway is not inherently convenient, fast, clean, or comfortable. All of this depends on design, implementation, maintenance, operation and funding. Operational smoothness is often more indicative of organizational discipline than technological prowess.
Additionally, the growths of travel systems are constrained by the existing infrastructure. When other modes cannot expand, HSR may possibly provide a feasible alternative. HSR systems are more environmentally friendly than air or road travel, given their higher fuel efficiency per passenger-kilometer and reduced land use.
The initial impulsion for the introduction of high speed rail was the need for additional capacity to meet increasing demand for passenger rail travel. Urban density and mass transit have been key factors in the success of railway transport.
We decided to base our research on the efficacy of the high speed rail on the public. In general, the study will detail on how efficient the railway has become to the society. Moreover, HS2 are high investment long-term infrastructure projects meant to substantially change travel patterns. Beyond the travel mode change, this paper seeks to evaluate if HS2 station have an economic benefit to the public. Consequently, urban areas in UK were selected for the analysis because of the age, gender and employment status of the respondents. Specifically:
There are various negative costs associated with emerged high speed railways. For instance, there is raised cost of transporting goods and services, land ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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