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Improving the public transportation in america - Essay Example

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The public transportation system in the U.S is one of the many benefits that citizens have as a means of decreasing their personal cost of transportation. While this opportunity exist, many cities lack the logistical infrastructure to maintain a sufficient public transportation…
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Improving the public transportation in america
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Extract of sample "Improving the public transportation in america"

Download file to see previous pages The public transportation system is currently one of the leading systems in the world. In fact, with the exception of a few countries, the United States has the most intelligent infrastructure for transportation in the world. With that said, the cost for maintaining this system is exceptionally higher than the cost for like nations. Such an expansive public transportation system means that there is a substantial consumption of energy to maintain the system (Achs, 1991). For the most prominent means of transportation i.e. the public bus, this means that the U.S. is putting out a large carbon foot print due to its use of gasoline. On the other hand, there are other sources of transportation such as the subway and railway systems that allow people to use trains and electrical energy for transportation. Unfortunately, only cities with enough funding for such projects have efficient transportation structures. This is unfortunate because the cities where there are high levels of poverty, they can’t afford to supply transportation routes to those who would most benefit from it (Achs, 1991). This strikes at the core of the theoretical underpinnings of the public transportation system. While some believe that it is critical to the elimination of traffic congestion, others believe it functions as a welfare system that allows the less fortunate to access cheap forms of transportation. Another problem facing the transportation industry is the fact that there are little public transportation systems that cross state boundaries (Roth, 2008). This is important for individuals living in border zones where they reside in one state and work in another. This could be extremely beneficial to both economies but the states are unable to capitalize on the transportation systems. Finally, transportation systems lack the logistical infrastructure that promotes the most efficient routes (Barletta, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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