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Assignment 2 - Essay Example

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In the midst of increasing competition in body building competition, many young sports professionals have resulted to use of body building steroids to increase their muscle build up and strength. Whereas bodybuilding is a professional sport, whereby people get a chance to make a…
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Assignment 2
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Extract of sample "Assignment 2"

Steroids in Bodybuilding Competitions In the midst of increasing competition in body building competition, many young sports professionals have resulted to use of body building steroids to increase their muscle build up and strength. Whereas bodybuilding is a professional sport, whereby people get a chance to make a living, use of steroids for bodybuilding comes with many problems (FitnessHealthZone web). Additionally, use of body enhancers poses a challenge in fairness of competition. The interesting body building game has changed from having discipline to build muscles to who uses more steroids to get the biggest body muscles ( web). Additionally, it also raises issue of ethical concerns whereby, people are entertained by watching their fellow human beings destroy themselves with excessive steroids.
Natural bodybuilding is one of the hardest and challenging sports since it requires discipline, endurance, rigorous training, and eating well. However, due to competition, many people use steroids to increase muscle build up. Specifically, steroids increase the level of testosterone, a male sex hormone, which is responsible for masculinity (FitnessHealthZone web). An increased level of testosterone accelerates muscle growth and increased growth of body structure. Due to the increased competition in body building sports, the players are allowed to use steroids to enhance their body muscle. However, use of steroids demands high levels of discipline in terms of dosage and training. Otherwise, the users will have to bear the consequences of misuse of steroids ( web).
One of the primary consequences of misuse of steroids among body builders is irregular natural production of testosterone hormone in the body. This in turn causes reduced sex performance, cardiovascular complications, enlarged heart, aggression, hypertension among others (FitnessHealthZone web). As much as we are happy cheering and celebrating our favorite bodybuilding sportsmen, we should pause for a moment and picture what actually happens inside their bodies. For instance, is it possible for body builders to lead a normal life after their career as body builders? Whereas most of the other sports such as football and basketball depend on natural talent and personal hard work, the modern bodybuilding man has to go beyond what is natural and use heavy doses of steroids.
The most saddening issue about bodybuilding is the fact that bodybuilding primarily encourages heavy usage of steroids instead of nurturing natural talent. In this game, heavy and large muscle build up wins the game. This in turn encourages increased use of steroids as competitors seek to outdo one another ( web). It seems more rational for the competition rules to be changed such that they encourage natural competition whereby use of steroids will be prohibited totally. Therefore, bodybuilders will join the rest of the natural sports such as marathon, football, baseball, cricket, and other games.
Whereas we appreciate use of science in this sport, I think that science should not take away our nature as human beings. It is possible for bodybuilding competitions to be done without using steroids. If doping is prohibited in other sports, so should use of steroids in bodybuilding. Otherwise, trophies and awards will only go to bodies that respond well to steroids as opposed to other games whereby hard work and natural talent matters.
Works Cited “Should the IFBB ban steroids for real?” 2005. Web, 18 May 2012. FitnessHealthZone. “Is It Safe To Use Bodybuilding Steroids? Things To Consider Prior To The Usage Of Steroids!” 2007. Web, 18 May 2012. Read More
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(Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6)
Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
“Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6”, n.d.
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