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Body building - Research Paper Example

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Many males and females these days go to gyms to get perfect bodies. They even go to so much extents that they take supplements which may be harmful for…
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Body building
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Download file to see previous pages Studies like that of Probert, Palmer and Leberman (2007) have shown that both male and female competitive bodybuilders take risks with regard to their health. Using a postal survey in New Zealand based bodybuilders, they found that males were “competitively aggressive” and had more involvement in the use of steroids while females were more at risk of eating disorders (p. 272). It is seen here that even athlete bodybuilders take health risks. However, it should be noted here that this research was based on professional athletes and not the general public.
Many other accounts by newspaper reports and health organizations have pointed out that more and more people are involving in unhealthy and risky practices for body building. For example, in the New York Times, the example of David Abusheikh was given. This boy started weightlifting when he was 15 years old for two hours in six days a week (Quenqua, 2012). Since high school, this body added shakes and protein bars to his diet for putting on more muscles. He said to the newspaper that he wanted something that could help him get “bigger a little faster” (Quenqua, 2012). The paper put forward the crisis that boys are taking unhealthy risks to achieve perfect bodies. In a study, it was found that more than 40% middle school and high school boys took protein supplements and 6% used steroids (Quenqua, 2012). Supplements are not regulated and so it is difficult to know what they have. So when taken in large quantities, these could be harmful. Moreover, anabolic steroids are specially dangerous because they stop the synthesis of the testosterone hormone in men which is very bad because it will affect growth. Even online, boys and teenagers get very engrossed in weight lifting regimens and for popularizing well built ripped body images. In a study, Kanayama, Hudson and Pope (2008) to explore the problem of abuse of anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) by the general ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Body Building Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
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