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Corporate protection - Essay Example

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Apart from exploring, refining, transporting, storing and selling gas and oil, Textar Company is also committed in expanding its business activities…
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Corporate protection
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Extract of sample "Corporate protection"

Download file to see previous pages In order to achieve these objectives, the company has made an effort of sending its Chief Financial officer and CEO to the Caucasus region, as a fact-finding mission, as well as deploying an expatriate group of 25 employees for 6 months, in order to familiarize with engineering and drilling techniques required in the region. However, the stated objectives of the company have led to it facing a number of threats which requires it to take action. It is needed to increase the expertise of its Protective Security Managers for better examination and understanding of threats hence planing and implementing effective security strategy (Kit bond corporate protection services n.d.). The purpose of the strategy will be to provide protective security solutions, capable of not only maximizing protection for the employees, but also ensuring their liberty in conducting operations in the region.
Textar Oil and Gas Company as a multinational corporate organization in the field of gas and oil global exploitation, is facing a lot of difficulties. It is experiencing a number of threats which are putting its employees, especially those in the caucasus region, into a great danger. The emerging Textar’s competitive companies in the market are responsible of these threats. To provide better solutons for these threats, the Company has proposed a corporate orientated protective security solution, through a strategy that involves two maximum security corporations (Halibozek & Kovacich 2003). These security corparations can work as separate entities but in the case of Textar Company, they have decided to work as one unit inoder to ensure maximum security for the company, as well as its employees especially those working in the caucasus regions which seems to be the most insecure region.
The first security corporation is KBCPS. This is an asset protection corporation, developed to offer interventions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Corporate Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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