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The film represents more than a conflict of individuals and organizations but also a battle against issue regarding pollution and environmental preservation. The film is adopted from a soft drama novel by Dave Eggers titled “Promised Land “. It is set in a poverty drenched…
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Promised land
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Promised Land The film represents more than a conflict of individuals and organizations but also a battle against issue regarding pollution and environmental preservation. The film is adopted from a soft drama novel by Dave Eggers titled “Promised Land “. It is set in a poverty drenched town where the town-folk are faced with immense economic and societal challenges (Vant). The small inactive town is a clear representation of how the “America Dream” has not been achieved by numerous American. The film is Van Sant production, the director is able to deliver a movie that filled with texture and realism (Vant). The atmosphere of realism is created by the environmental issues addressed in the film. The town people are introduced to the idea of mining of natural gas, without being given the precise details by a salesperson.
The role of the soft spoken but self-driven sales-person Steve Butler is played by Matt Damon. Steve is employed by the oil company in a bid to convince the country folk to sell the drilling rights they hold in their own lands (Vant). The town is rich in oil but highly polluted making it a hazardous place to live in. A retired town scientist tries to educate the town folk on the dangers arising from natural gas mining. In his argument the scientist compels individuals to research on the oil mining method called fracking. Fracking poses a serious problem for everyone in the town, since chemicals and harmful gases get releases during the mining process. In the movie signs of dead cows are shown in protest of natural gas mining (Lemire). The cows are a representation of loss of life due to poisoning from chemicals released by the mining plant. The film is highly centered on an activist theme, since the issue of fracking is felt in America especially in Pennsylvania (Lemire). All in all, the film tries to educate Americans on the dangers of natural gas mining on both plant and animal life. The film is a clear statement against environmental pollution and corporate greed (Lemire).

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Promised Land. Dir. San Vant. 2012. Read More
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Promised Land Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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