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Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land - Essay Example

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Surname Instructor Course number Date Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land Introduction According to the official website of the film Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land, a documentary of 2004, the film gives a striking contrast of international media and U.S…
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Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land
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Extract of sample "Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land"

Download file to see previous pages The film claims that the control and manipulation by the watchdog groups of the pro Israel media has resulted in the distortion of the war between Israel and Palestine. The movie stares Noam Chomsky, Hanan Ashraw, Robert Fisk, Sam Hussein, and Robert Jensen, among others (Ned 12). In its reaction to the allegations in the movie, the pro-Israel watchdog group criticized the movie for not telling the public truth of how a pro- Palestinian watchdog media group by the name FAIR influenced the production of the movie. They insisted that the FAIR spokesman played a crucial role in film production. LiP magazine says that the portrayal of the Israel-Palestine war using a distorted language and in a biased prospect opens a window for thinking and analyzing about the extent to which the media is willing to go on deceiving and manipulating the public opinion and perception. New York Times Magazine argues that the film is biased and one-sided since the Palestinian Leadership also took a center stage in contributing to the escalation of the war, given that they broke some of the conflict vows they had made with Israel. Numerous media outlets largely ignore to make public the true background of this conflict and how it came to escalate further instead they depict wrong facts on the ground just to confuse the public. The U.S government and some Israeli PR Group heavily gag the media for what it reports. The director of the movie creates a case that confirms to the public on the ethical battle arising between media and politics. The film narrates how language may be used to evoke some emotions and responses from viewers. In most instances, the U.S media describe word such as ‘attack’ to mean the crude and cruel conduct of the Palestinians while ‘retaliation’ or ‘defensive’ words depict the softer side of the Israelis in their attempt to defend themselves. Oftentimes, the reporters in the movie are seen reporting the illegal settlement of the Jewish population in the territory of the Palestinian as a legitimate ‘Jewish neighborhood’. This contaminated language is basically used to confuse the perception of the viewer that indeed the settlement of the Jews in the Palestinian land is legitimate and in accordance with the International Law, which is not the actual case on the ground. The U.S Media justifies this illegal occupation of the Palestinian territory as a response and a defensive action of Israel against the ‘attacks’ by the Palestine (Ned 38). The Documentary reveals how some media houses get intimidated as they attempt to report the true story on the ground with the U.S government claiming that such media houses do not conduct a comprehensive and true investigative work hence the Israel has continued to portray to the world their pristine image, which is not the case. For those who understand what is truly happening on the ground, one can only conclude that the U.S. media are a merely a puppet that is used to depict the Israeli-Palestinian war from an unjust and uneven perspective of view. The media simply denies the members of the public a chance to know the complex nature of this Middle East crisis that warrant a more substantive platform of thorough investigative journalism. The film gives an account of how the U.S journalist ignores some sensitive information that the public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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