Describe the potential actions that offer the international community the best prospects of bringing the parties involved in each conflict selected (Timor-leste, Korea, Chechnya, and Afghanistan) to resolve or stabilize the conflict - Essay Example

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Wars and conflicts have led to massive destructions of social cultural heritages, and economic and political wellbeing of individual…
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Describe the potential actions that offer the international community the best prospects of bringing the parties involved in each conflict selected (Timor-leste, Korea, Chechnya, and Afghanistan) to resolve or stabilize the conflict
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"Describe the potential actions that offer the international community the best prospects of bringing the parties involved in each conflict selected (Timor-leste, Korea, Chechnya, and Afghanistan) to resolve or stabilize the conflict"

Download file to see previous pages In managing and quelling these wars, international communities need to employ various techniques depending on the contemporary situation in the individual countries and categories of conflicts.
The Korean conflict dates back to 1945 that saw two sides holding divergent views pitting into war that led to the division of the Korean Peninsula into South and North. Before separation, Japan exercised greatest control over the affairs of the Korean Peninsula (Briny). Later in 1945 and towards the end of the World War II, USSR conducted an offensive attack on Japan that eventually led to the evacuating Japan from the North. Upon the conclusion of the war, USSR took control of the Northern Korea Peninsula as USA conquered the Southern Peninsula. Briny exemplifies that this kind of division saw the Southern Peninsula develop favor for the capitalist form of economy while the North tended to favor the communist economy as led by the USSR.
As the difference compounded, the South formed its own constitution and conducted an independent election in 1948. It was after the separation that leaders of both sides attempted to strategize on how to unify the two territories, but ideological differences prevailed and eventually led to inter border wars. Since then, the war on leadership supremacy and territory has continued to be exhibited between the two countries (Briny). The latest firm of conflict has included the moves by the North of sinking a Southern ship and the battle for dominance over the Yeonpyeong Island located towards the South.
Moves and attempts to reconcile South and North Koreas, both international and internal ones, have proved unsuccessful. The complexities involved with the Korean War encompass contribution of USSR and China which constitute communists support for North Korea, and United Nations and US in particular constituting capitalist support for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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