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A magazine is a popular periodical while a journal is a scholarly periodical written by experts. Magazines are directed at informing and entertaining the general public while…
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Research this questions
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Download file to see previous pages A report of a research project in a specialist journal will mostly be longer complete with extensive citations to additional research. A report in Financial Times, on the other hand, will be shorter with few citations and may not cite additional research (Grinnell & Unrau 2011, p.149). A report presented in Financial Times will mostly be written by a reporter, journalist- almost anyone. On the contrary, a report of a research project in a specialist journal will mainly be written by either professionals in the field or scholars (experts).
Similarly, a report of research project in Financial Times will mostly be written using non technical language. There is the use of an entertaining language to arouse general interest and little documentation (bibliographies) (Kawa-Jump 2003, p.50). The language may also be partially complete with eye catching illustrations to elicit an emotional response. A report in a specialist journal, on the other hand, follows an in-depth research and is written using technical language. In addition, a report in a specialist journal will feature original research studies, bibliographies and references with a language that is objective (Kawa-Jump 2003, p.51).
Every research undertaking has philosophical and theoretical ancestry and the foundation and encompasses ontological assumptions and epistemological assumptions (Bryman & Bell 2007, p. 16). A research philosophy refers to the principle on how the data dwelling a certain phenomenal is to be collected, analyzed and used. The key philosophical paradigms that distinguish key components within a research undertaking include positivist derived from natural sciences and characterized by the testing of hypothesis constructed from existing theories (Colwell 2006, p.188). Constructivist, on the other hand, holds that researchers understand situations based on their individual experiences, memories, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research This Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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