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: Planned Evaluation Approach and Questions, Part 2 - Research Paper Example

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The oriented evaluation approach applies to the object of the evaluation as it concentrates on results ease of use. In addition, its plainness…
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: Planned Evaluation Approach and Questions, Part 2
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": Planned Evaluation Approach and Questions, Part 2"

Download file to see previous pages The outcomes can be categorized, measured and moderated on the basis of set prospects. These outcomes will assist instructors assess the adequacy of their teaching techniques and adjust their teaching methods as required for learners to attain the learning objectives.
Also, the oriented evaluation approach assists the instructor to ascertain their learners meet the set standards. Institutions and instructors can adopt the nationwide or state standards, turn them into learning objectives and assess the performance of students on the basis of the objectives. If students succeed in the oriented evaluation, instructors know they have met the set standards successfully. This approach also ensures instructors give students course objectives and objectives for every theme. These objectives will help students know expectations and assist them to have sufficient performance in their activities. This approach also can be utilized to pursue performance of students.
The rationale is that the oriented evaluation approach identifies objectives and establishes the limit to which the objectives have been attained. The approach starts with highlighting the course goal and then more precise objectives. All the stakeholders will have different views on the most appropriate method of evaluating a project. The centre of the issues is establishing what is essential. Nonetheless, from the oriented evaluation approach, evaluation is a questioned term. This is because evaluators define it as investigation or assessment of a course or program while other individuals comprehend it as being the same as applied research (Guba & Lincoln, 1989).
More than 30 years have passed, and Patton has used the theories of economics, systems, change, reinforcement, diffusion of innovations, utilization, organizations, psychological ownership among others to support the oriented evaluation approach. Patton focuses on ascertaining and working with vital stakeholders in organizations who can device ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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: Planned Evaluation Approach and Questions, Part 2 Research Paper - 1.
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: Planned Evaluation Approach and Questions, Part 2
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