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Reagan was re-elected in 1984 by an overwhelming majority; he lost only his opponent’s home state. Who was the Democratic opponent and from which state did he come? Walter Mondale from the State of Minnesota.
A. Examine Ronald Reagan’s economic policies in relation to…
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I. Objective Questions (worth 60 points total Oliver North and the Iran-contra hearings drew attention to Ronald Reagan’s Management style
2. Reaganomics illustrated Reagan`s belief in supply-side economics
3. During Reagan’s first two years, the inflation rate fell and the cost of borrowing money fell, but these successes were due largely to an economic recession. True
4. One of Reagan’s first acts as president was to call for (and get) reductions in income taxes for the middle class. True
5. President Reagan continued the policy of Jimmy Carter, the previous president, to increase safety regulations. False
6. Among the leading opponents of Reagan’s re-election effort in 1984 were women and minorities. True
7. Reagan was re-elected in 1984 by an overwhelming majority; he lost only his opponent’s home state. Who was the Democratic opponent and from which state did he come? Walter Mondale from the State of Minnesota.
8. During Reagan’s second term, the following was true except Vigorous efforts by his administration to deal with AIDS and “crack” epidemics.
9. In 1981, the Reagan administration eliminated 1 million food stamp recipients. False
10. In 1984, Congress voted to stop US aid to the Contras after the CIA mined Nicaraguan harbors. This Congressional measure was called the “Baptism Fundamentalism 84”.
11. 240 American marines were killed in a terrorist bombing in 1983 at Beirut.
12. During Reagan’s presidency, the US trade deficit soared; the US became a Reaganomics nation.
13. During the Reagan presidency, higher-paying, unionized factory jobs decreased, while lower-paying service jobs increased. True
14. During Reagan’s presidency, the standard of living of divorced women declined while that of divorced men increased; in 1983, more than 50% of all adult American women held jobs. False
15. In the Iran-Contra scandal, White House officials sold arms to Nicaragua and diverted the proceeds to buy guns for the Contras, despite congressional prohibitions
16. Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister, and Ronald Reagan, US president believed in growing the welfare state
17. President Reagan, in an attempt to undermine Soviet power, supported the Reagan Doctrine in Afghanistan and NATO in Poland.
18. Name the Supreme Court justices appointed during Reagan’s presidency Sandra Day O’Connor, William Rehnquist and Antonin Scalia.
19. Reagan rejected the policy of Détente which earlier Cold War presidents had supported; he also rejected INF Treaty, the acronym of nuclear policy.
20. In 1976, Reagan hoped to upset the incumbent president, Gerald Ford, to gain the Republican Party nomination.
II. Essay: Choose ONE (40 points)
A. Examine Ronald Reagan’s economic policies in relation to federal spending, federal income taxes, and federal environmental, health and safety regulations. Explain Congress’s reaction to these policies and assess the impact of these policies on the US
Reaganomics policy refers to the ideologies and principles made by President Reagan in a bid to cut tax rate to improve economic growth, control the money supply in reducing the inflationary rates, and reduce government spending. This policy nearly caused his death (assassination attempt by john Hinckley. Jr) following divergent views taken by other individuals. In developing the Reaganomics policy, President Reagan signed the INF Treaty, which named Soviet Union as “evil empire” (Cannon 67). During this stage, President Reagan managed to forge a strategy called détente ordering a massive military buildup in an arms race with the USSR to reduce nuclear arsenals. On a different perspective, Reagan Doctrine developed under President Reagan administration provided overt and covert aid to anti-communist resistance movements in an effort to rollback Soviet-backed communist government in Africa, Asia and Latin America (Cannon 97).
Work Cited
Cannon, Lou. President Reagan: The role of a lifetime. New York, NY: PublicAffairs, 2000. Print. Read More
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