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Gaddafi's End as Liberation from a Long Era of Tyranny - Article Example

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In this article “Dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi” one of the world’s worst leaders, letting violence in Libya will be portrayed. The tyrant who received the reins after the current monarch’s overthrow and unsuccessfully craved to gain global recognition by becoming a statesman and spokesperson…
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Gaddafis End as Liberation from a Long Era of Tyranny
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Extract of sample "Gaddafi's End as Liberation from a Long Era of Tyranny"

Download file to see previous pages Gaddafi’s relentless attacks in North Africa as well as other western countries, through a number of rebel and terrorist groups, made other countries not want Libya to be a part of any world order because of his support towards the IRA and the PLO. According to US President Ronald Reagan, Gaddafi was a ‘mad dog’ and Reagan also sent planes to bomb Libya in an attack where Gaddafi almost got killed. The Libyan people have always been averse to Gaddafi’s regime however the country had been oppressed under his rule because of the constant terrorism that he was playing host to.
Despite this, he tried to bring Libya out of isolation by letting the UN know that he was behind the bombings and attacks and that Libya as a country was aware of its implications and wanted to be a part of the normalization that was to take place between US and Libya especially. In 2003 when Saddam Hussein lost all his power and the military coup was dismantled, Gaddafi was under a lot of pressure by the people as well as western nations that the same might happen to him and thus he allowed inspections of weapons to take place and stated a number of policies regarding Libya’s weaponry. ("Muammar Gaddafi – Revolutionary Leader of Libya.")
Gaddafi’s reign, however, watched the Libyan economy fall into a depression because despite being an oil-rich country, the people have remained fairly poor. According to a number of UN reports and other investigations, the country has a very poor stage of socio-economic growth and is also very backward in terms of health, education, food supplies etc. It has been estimated by economic experts nonetheless that despite this condition that the country has been living in, the stature of Gaddafi during the course of his lifetime was exactly the opposite as he has been assumed to have a wealth deposit of at least $60 billion dollars.
Libya during Gaddafi’s regime only witnessed a massive downturn as everything in the economy began to fall. The demand and supply situation in terms of economic growth, as well as the foreign trade, went down immensely because no country wanted to keep relations with Libya. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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