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The positive changes in the economy of the United States during Bill Clinton's term as President of the United States of America - Research Paper Example

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He would end up serving two terms between 1993 and 2001. While Clinton’s presidency was encumbered by controversial scandals and dubious political decisions, he is always…
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The positive changes in the economy of the United States during Bill Clintons term as President of the United States of America
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Extract of sample "The positive changes in the economy of the United States during Bill Clinton's term as President of the United States of America"

Download file to see previous pages Clinton also ratified a large deficit reduction plan.
One of the main reasons why Clinton was so successful was because he had skilled financial advisers who encouraged him to create practical policy decisions. Clinton’s economic policies would strengthen the American middle class thus assisting low-income families to capitalize on opportunities to lift themselves from the state of disenfranchisement. Clinton’s economic policies also made it possible for grants to be supplied to the science, educational, and infrastructure sectors, while tackling bridging fiscal gap. These policies essentially made it possible for the United States to benefit from the economic success that it would experience in the 1990s. A robust middle class is necessary for any nation to become developed. A weak middle class group can cause the national economy to stagnate.
To strengthen the American middle class, Clinton created policies which would help families to be able to rebound from temporary financial stresses. Clinton was lucky in this respect because his actions were supported by congress; which is something that few presidents are lucky enough to experience. Some of these policies included:
The Family and Medical Leave Act - This regulation made it possible for parents to be able to benefit from up to 84 days of unpaid leave when they needed to care for sick relatives or their infant children. Business organizations could not dismiss workers who made the decision to take advantage of this act.
Increased minimum wages - Congress, in 1996, agreed to a 20 percent increase for workers who subsisted on minimum wage. This meant that those who formerly earned $4.25 per hour would then start earning $5.15 per hour. This increase would positively affect approximately 10 million full-time workers (Wood, 72). This incentive would not impact negatively on American employers.
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