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Marketing - Santa Fe Grill analysis - Essay Example

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In this project, Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant survey was used to determine the factors resulting to reduced sales, and customer inflow in the recent past. Upon evaluation, the proprietors of the restaurant observed that they did not know their clientele very well, hence the…
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Marketing - Santa Fe Grill analysis
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Extract of sample "Marketing - Santa Fe Grill analysis"

Download file to see previous pages tors that influence the clients decision to dine either at Santa Fe Grill or Joses Southwestern Café, (2) the features that customers associate each of the restaurants with, (3) the geographic and demographic description of the clients, the impact of advertising, willingness to refer their friends to the restaurant or even return to their restaurant of choice as well as their degree of satisfaction. Summary statistics, univariate and other statistical tests were conducted and results presented in the following sections.
Table 1 shows the summary statistics for the responses obtained for this question. Majority of the respondents interviewed with regard to Joses Southwestern Café occasionally ate there (38.2%) while for Santa Fe Grill majority of the respondents ate there somewhat frequently. Tabulation of the frequency at which respondents ate at each of the two restaurants is provided in table 1 below.
Regarding whether the respondents perceived the prices at either Santa Fe Grill or Jose’s Southwestern Café to be reasonable, a seven point likert scale response was used from which the results indicated that on average, the respondents in both restaurants were indifferent about the pricing (Average for this response was 4). Further tests were conducted on how much they agreed with the pricing (6 on the likert scale). Results from an independent sample t-test (table2) indicated that for both restaurant, the customers agreed with the pricing.
Table 3 shows results of a cross tabulation of the respondents’ gender versus whether they recall seeing an advertisement in the past 60 days. Majority of those who could not recall seeing an advertisement in the past 60 days were males (68.80%). However, for the respondents who could recall seeing an advertisement in the past 60 days, 73.3% were males. We therefore conclude that more males recalled seeing an advertisement as compared to those that did not see it, while for females a higher number of female could not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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