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Girl Scouts - Coursework Example

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Then there was the service delivery and impact with strategic relationship developed. The realignment of the council led to proper internal management and…
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Girl Scouts
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Extract of sample "Girl Scouts"

Girl Scout Submitted by: Number: Question a) When the organization was facing a bleak future due to low enrollment of Girl Scout. The organization would have either collapsed or faced with a lot of difficulties.
b) First there is the mission, vision and strategy which was to build an integrated personal leadership development model. Then there was the service delivery and impact with strategic relationship developed. The realignment of the council led to proper internal management and operation with good governance and leadership.
c) Connolly and Lukas suggest that there is need to create an urgent powerful coalition which Cloninger did. Kathy brought together 26 members drawn from government offices and volunteers. The coalition created a vision which they communicated. The biggest obstacle was realignment of the council but Cloninger’s did it strategically. This created short term wins such as cost reduction. Cloninger’s together built on the change which was later embraced in a corporate culture. (Kotters 8-Step Change Model, 2012)
d) Mckinsey (company, 2001) designs a model of mission, strategies and team work. Then he ensures human resource is developed from all cadres forming a good organizational structure embraced by corporate culture which is the case brought forward by Cloninger in Girl Scout.
e) The resistance brought by decentralization of the organization by some council influenced Cloninger’s approach of team work. The ‘musty uncool’ image also affected Cloninger’s approach of free flexible participation for all age level of between 15-17 girls.
f) Through identification of strengths of the organization such as volunteering. Also through strengthening weaknesses. Cloninger’s also identified opportunities which they worked on within the given time line. Threatening issues such as decentralized governance were realigned and team work through corporate culture adopted.
g) The first obstacle was the realignment of the council which she knew would be faced by rejection and disparities by local council. The there is the low membership recruitment. The other problem was the resistance by some council who were opposed to centralized control and finally by people joining and leaving the organization so that there is no continuity. The condition for success included working together as a team and within the allocated timeline by reducing costs in the organization.
Question 2
It is similar in that there was realignment of the council trying to satisfy the needs of everyone. There was also combination of task force by bringing all stakeholders aboard and finally looking for income contribution methods through donors and volunteers. Mckinsey addresses culture but model in chapter seven does not highlight on cultural issues. The model in chapter seven also emphasizes on evaluation which Mckinsey does not include in his model.
Question 3
Internal Revenue Service should consider duplicating their service to other organizations in the community because this will protect the image of these organizations. It will also increase and encourage donor participation in such organizations. In line with this, Worth, 2009 argues that with IRS there is accountability, reliability, transparency, preservation of core values and protection the organizational mission.
Company, M. a. (2001). Effective capacity building on non profit organization. Reston, VA 20191: Mckinsey and Company.
Kotters 8-Step Change Model. (2012). Retrieved April 29, 2012, from Mind Tools: Essential Tools for an Excellent Career. Read More
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Girl Scouts Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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