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The paper "Commitment to Diversity in American Cancer Center Society" highlights that ACS website can be enhanced by learning few points from the websites of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Chicago (YNPN Chicago) and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A (GSUSA)…
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Commitment to Diversity in American Cancer Center Society
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American Cancer Society (ACS) is among the top-ranked non-profit organizations of the country that has been saving lives and creating a world with fewer cancer patients and more birthdays so that people stay well, help them in getting well, find cures and helping them in fighting back. It has been rendering its services to people as it is a community-based health organization that is dedicated to eliminating cancer from society (ACS, 2012).
Analysis of ACS Website
ACS website is designed in consensus with its mission, vision and core values. On its site, it has provided access to various articles and papers on managing diversity within the organization. There is a separate section on the webpage in which complete details about how the organization is managing diversity is properly explained. The study of Third Sector New England (2010) has provided detailed information about organizational commitment to managing diversity and it is appropriately applied in ACS.
Diversity Issues faced by organization
Some issues related to gender, race and religion are found in many organizations as they have some difficulty in fulfilling their commitment to managing diversity among their workforce (Krietz, 2007). According to ACS (2012) and CancerNYNJ News (2011), there have been no severe diversity issues faced by the organization as it has addressed all the potential problems carefully so that it doesn’t encounter any problems in the long-run.
The relevance of Information to Diversity issues/Content available on Website
All the content provided on organization’s website is related to diversity and all latest articles, guidelines and happenings of the organization are posted on its site. All the information provided on the site is updated till the year 2007, code of conduct is updated as of 2000 (no updating is done afterwards) and everything is well-integrated on the website.
Features of the website
Images and pictures uploaded on the website are limited; although it is showing how it is managing diversity among its patients there are few selected pictures related to staff and volunteers that how is it ensuring that diversity is properly managed.  Read More
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