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Jet Blue - Essay Example

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David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue (then called “New Air”), had a vision for an airline that functioned much like other airlines but with an emphasis on customer relations, an…
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Jet Blue
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Download file to see previous pages The resources are many in the JetBlue atmosphere, including the opportunities brought on by the shareholders invested in JetBlue, JP Morgan or LiveTv, the wholly owned JetBlue Subsidiary. It seems as though JetBlue has access to many perks based on affiliated companies and partnerships, and work hard to make new partnerships available to learn about and for those who own a company, to participate in. This directly reflects the internal environment of JetBlue, which is based on the strengths of the business being interconnected and in touch with the consumer and corporate strata. At the same time, the website isn’t wholly specific about what resources are directly used in forming the company or its core values, but JetBlue places a lot of emphasis on confidentiality, so it isn’t a huge surprise that this information isn’t readily volunteered.
The Capabilities of JetBlue seem staggering, as the company has only been around ten years and already they’ve become a leading provider of commercial aviation services. Along with being capable of making more corporate alliances and to grow as a business, JetBlue also has the capability to serve as an example of a progressive company environment, as shown in the company’s “Code of Ethics,” community relations and “Code of Business Conduct.” These points of reference on the website emphasize diversity, company loyalty and a charitableness to the human condition that goes far beyond expectation. For example, there is a specific page on the JetBlue website where you can apply to be a part of the “we care” program, an opportunity for charities to submit to be on the website and to have customers donate to their causes, if the causes are in alignment with JetBlue’s core values.
The core competencies of JetBlue seem to be in order, as well. The JetBlue Airways “Customer Bill of Rights” outlines the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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