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JetBlue Airway - Case Study Example

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JetBlue Airways Corporation is an affordable air travel service provider that gives customers the option of using a high quality air flight service for medium, short-haul or seasonal long-haul across many locations in the USA and selected countries. JetBlue Airways Corporation, referred to in short as JetBlue, currently only flies its fleet of 96 new Airbus 320 (87) and the EMBRAER 190 (9) model aircrafts, which are new at an average age 2.6 years…
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JetBlue Airway
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Extract of sample "JetBlue Airway"

Download file to see previous pages The service provided can be obtained by reservation via the internet at, an airline representative or a toll free number. JetBlue has established itself as a strong brand in providing excellence in service for its customers. The company is based out of John F. Kennedy airport and employs about 8, 390 people. JetBlue provides its airfare services for 50 destinations in 21 states across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean. Domestic operations account for approximately 97.1% of its capacity during the year ending December 31, 2006. The focus of JetBlue is in serving areas that have a high demand with high priced travel and are may not be serviced properly by the airline industry. JetBlue flies to these destinations 502 times a day and fosters an environment of excellence by ensuring that all employees have an opportunity at promotions and can go for higher education, are well trained and happy coming into work every day. This practice has been a contributor to Jet Blue's financial success during the hard economic strenuous times in the United States following the events of September 11, 2001. JetBlue Airways Corporation has maintained much success in a market economy that has been troubled. Through their strategic success in marketing on radio, television, internet and press releases JetBlue has become a household option for the market of flyers that want a low cost option with the highest excellence in service. Their frequent low airfare service has increased to new heights as new destinations are added based on consumer demands and more flights enable the customer to feel satisfied and happy with excellence provided by the company. JetBlue is a company that has excelled due to their ability to react quickly to the changes demanded by their consumer markets separating themselves from the losses in an airline industry sector that is in trouble and attempting a bounce back for several years. (Annual Report 2006)
3 Mission Statement
JetBlue's mission statement is to provide all clients with a superior level of service in every aspect during the travel experience. JetBlue's mission is to bring the humanity back to air travel.
4 Vision Statement
The air travel industry has gone through its ups and downs since the September 11 attacks in 2001 and several of these organizations have done very little to improve the customers experience. Unlike the rest JetBlue has been the first airline to establish a bill of rights for the customers. The strategy to have a bill of rights was developed by management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., 2012). Jet blue airline also has an uncensored single-class system, outstanding flight attendants, a user friendly online air ticketing system, and an Airbus A320s. The airline has scooped awards for its outstanding performance over the years; it was awarded for being the best domestic airline by "Readers' Choice Award" commonly termed as the Conde Nast Traveler. Jet blue also won the "Highest Customer Satisfaction Among Low Cost Carriers in North America" award by J.D. Power and Associates' in 2008. The planes from JetBlue Airline Company connect over 80 destinations including; Bahamas, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, San Juan, and Puerto Rico (James, 2012). The executive vice president of JetBlue’s systems and technology, John Eng revealed...
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...Introduction In February 1999, founder David Neeleman announced his plans to launch JetBlue Airlines and within a span of a year, JetBlue started operations with its inaugural flight between Fort Lauderdale and the John F Kennedy airport. (JetBlue, 2009) Within the span of three years, JetBlue expanded its fleet to 44 aircrafts and signed deals worth $6.8 billion in order to increase its aircraft strength by 207 planes. The financing arrangements for the 44 aircraft, currently operational were as follows: 22 aircrafts were secured on the basis of operating leases while 22 had been bought with secured debt financing and were owned by JetBlue. The current scenario differs from the previous situation where, additional capital was required...
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Strategic management: British Airway

...British Airways: Strategic Issues and Risk Matrix Strategic Direction wrote sometime in 2004 that British Airways "had a reputation for being operationally incompetent and indifferent to customers" (2004, p. 13). This British Airway's reputation was notorious before the company was able to successfully rebrand itself in the early 1990s. After its rebranding program, British Airways became "a profitable, respected and highly competitive corporation" (Strategic Direction 2004, p. 13). Back in 2004, Robert Ayling, then its Chief Executive Officer, began a process that helped British Airways be competitive in the airlines industry - shift marketing emphasis from product brands to corporate branding. However, merely shifting strategies...
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Disscuss the posiible future structure of British airway

...British Airways Running head: THE POSSIBLE FUTURE OF BRITISH AIRWAYS The Possible Future of British Airways in APA Style of University British Airways 2 We live in a modern society that is extremely dynamic especially due to technology. With the addition of the Internet and technology, the demands and challenges of the corporate world requires companies to develop product/process innovations and new production/technological developments. This is crucial in meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers. British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom. It has been the leader in innovations. Summerfield (2005) reports an innovative way that the airline allows its staff to be involved in the decision making process...
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JetBlue - Case Study

... for the year 2005 (20) Profits for the year 2006 1 Profits for the year 2007 18 (Barger, 25). The profitability studies of the company do not encourage any debenture options being exercised since basically, profits have been inconsistent over the 5 year period and the market trends remain uncertain at the present. Again, interest commitments against Debenture is a charge against profits and unlike equity dividends is not an appropriation of available profits. Being a mandatory charge, it needs to be paid off, whether or not profits are available in future years. Again, it is seen that in the present context, JetBlue has accumulated long term debts to the tune of $15,923 as on December 2007. (JetBlue Airways: Working capital, 39). Under...
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Todays Business Environment of JetBlue

...Today’s Business Environment of JetBlue Background JetBlue is a low cost career (LCC) based in New York and it was established in 2000. Since its inception during the unstable period following the September 11 attacks, the airline managed to grow and gain a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Its operations were key to its low costs since it operated Airbus A-320 aircraft which was easy to maintain. The airline operated secondary routes and offered first class service to its clients such as free snacks, beautiful aircraft with leather seats, also harnessed new information and communication technology to lower costs and it had a culture which significantly prioritised the interests of both the clients and the employees...
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JetBlue Airlines

... the two airlines in Boston Logan or JF Kennedy using a single ticket. Other airline companies that JetBlue has formed alliances with include Lufthansa, OpenSkies, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Jet Airways and South African Airways among others. In its effort to maintain strong positive relationship with its clients, JetBlue emulates strong advertising strategies by use of local newspapers, televisions and social media including YouTube and (Laurence, 2008). The company has adopted advertising phrases for example we like you too and unbelievable. As the result of extensive marketing strategies, the company has benefited from strong customer awareness and distinctive positioning aspects that have made it to attain...
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JetBlue Airways and WestJet Airlines

... of SAP customers would be different. Therefore if customers believe that it is possible to integrate upgraded SAP features back to the software, they may integrate third-party products into their existing infrastructure to cut down expenses. References Real World Case 2. JetBlue Airways, WestJet Airlines, and others: The difficult path to software upgrades....  JetBlue Airways and WestJet Airlines From the case study, it is clear that both JetBlue Airways Corporation and WestJet Airlines Limited approached software upgrade process entirely different ways. The WestJet had taken several years for planning before it switched to a new reservation...
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...JetBlue JetBlue Questions Question The three concepts are crucial in any business organization such as JetBlue. Needs are classified as necessities in human survival. They are critical in human life and includes items such as food, clothing, and shelter. Sometimes products classified as needs are bought or used by the customer without any push. In this company, the customer needs is to get to their destination on time and snacks. On the other hand, wants appears to be closely associated with human needs. They have a definite relation with needs. Hence, they are usually shaped by society and environment. Examples of wants in the company are comfortable seats and excellent service. Moreover, demands are above wants. They include things...
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Choking - airway blockage

...Choking The sudden physiological change that occurs due to obstruction of airways in the body of humans is referred as choking. It occurs when a foreign object completely or partly blocks the airways. The object may be a marble or a hard lump of food that goes to the trachea blocking epiglottis instead of going to the oesophagus (Chiang & Lisa, 2007). Choking results to a horrifying condition known asphyxia. The condition is caused by severe deficient oxygen supply to the body that results to unconsciousness or even death. A 63 years old man in the United States was suffering from swallowing problems or Dysphagia. One evening, while he was eating his evening snack of milk and cookies, he started coughing with difficulties. His strenuous...
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JetBlue Using Porters Five Forces

... resources and organization (VRIO) resources or valuable, rare, inimitable resources (VRI) capabilities: What leads to competitive advantage?’African Journal of Business Management, vol. 6, Issue 37, pp.10159-10170. Huckman, RS, Pisano, GP (2011), JetBlue Airways: Managing Growth [Class Handout] Kim, E., Nam, DI & Stimpert, J L (2004), ‘The applicability of Porter’s generic strategies in the digital age: Assumptions, conjectures, and suggestions’ Journal of Management, vol. 30, Issue 5 pp. 569-589....
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JetBlue Organization development JetBlue Airways operates around 500 daily flights from Flight 15 departure terminal at the JKF International Airport. The success of this has been through the cooperation of Systems Operation Center (SOC) and Organization Development (OD) team that has developed a JetBlue University to foster a healthy organization culture with deep understanding of behavioral science to bring in much needed JetBlue experience for crew members and customers. This organization goals have been achieved through effective leading, controlling, planning and organizing functions; the study of the individuals and groups in JetBlue brings the organization behavior known as JetBlue experience (John R. Schermerhorn, 2012).
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...JetBlue JetBlue Airways is an American low-cost airline and it was founded in August 1998 and its operating base is John F. Kennedy (JKF) International Airport in New York City. The headquarters are in Brewster Building in Long Island City. The success of this company has been through the cooperation of Systems Operation Center (SOC) and Organization Development (OD) team that has developed a JetBlue University to foster a healthy organization culture with deep understanding of behavioral science to bring in the much needed JetBlue experience for crew members and customers. This organization’s goals have been achieved through effective leading, controlling, planning and organizing functions; the study of the individuals and groups...
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Market Analysis and Segmentation: JetBlue Airways

It is for this reason that JetBlue management painstakingly handles the services and amenities that the company offers. They present very competitive technology as far as providing comfort to their passengers is concerned. Destination-wise, JetBlue Airways may be considered a specialty carrier that is relegated to a short-haul concentration, taking advantage of similar economies available with advanced technology and updated equipment. A short-haul carrier, JetBlue operates efficiently by consolidating services and economies of scale. Consequently, as a short-haul carrier, JetBlue’s revenues are considerably high compared to other airline companies.

In 2003, JetBlue declared a profit of $ 17.6 M for its first quar...
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Financing the JetBlue Airways Expansions

...$110.5 million by offering an issue of 2.6 million shares at an estimated cost of $42.50 per share. The second option is to raise $150 million through private placement of 3.5%, 30 year convertible bonds convertible at rate of $63.75 per share. In this report an analysis of two alternative sources of funding is undertaken in order to enable the company to take a decision about financing the expansion programs out of two available options of raising equity or debt capital Long Term Financing The expansion program of JetBlue Airways Corporation is a financing matter connected mainly with long term assets financing and also to a lesser extent improvement of the working capital position. That is the reason the company has decided to seek...
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Success Story of JetBlue Airway

...for JetBlue in the airline industry. This has been possible by a combination of service and e-commerce strategies which have differentiated JetBlue Airways from other airlines. Their customer focus and easy booking systems along with sound Human resource policies have made them a success story. JetBlue Airways has achieved this success by establishing USPs. Their USPs are driven by a highly user friendly and user oriented service. This has been achieved by integrating e-business into operations, making JetBlue a paperless airline. Along with retaining customers it has also resulted in high employee satisfaction. As it is with service a...
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Human Resourse at JetBlue

The report attempts to suggest the best possible way of fully utilizing recruitment and selection in a bid to get the best employees that would not compromise the integrity of the organization. Evaluation of various strategies will also be covered in this section through the utilization of particularly the human resources strategies and how they can be adapted to fully give the airline the much-needed competitiveness. JetBlue is a low-cost career (LCC) based in New York and it was established in 2000. JetBlue treats the employees as valuable assets. In most cases, the employees are the ones that determine the success or failure of an organization. Its performance is dependent on them since they are the m...

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JetBlue Corporate History

... by completing all the necessary documentations necessary for its operations. Shortly thereafter, the first flight of JetBlue Airways took to the skies. The company then proceeded to add more routes as it expands its business operations. Before the year 2000 ended, the company reached a major milestone by reaching a million customers serviced while at the same time earning $ 100 million revenue for the year. All these have been achieved prior to the company’s first anniversary and shortly afterwards the company has flown about 2 million customers (JetBlue Corporate History 2011). The company further expanded its operations as the delivery of its Airbus units continues giving the company about 20 units of operational crafts. The company’s...
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