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Developing your evaluation design and methods:Required elements for Assessment 2. For subject(7022CCJ Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis) - Essay Example

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Criminal justice intervention deals with upholding of social control and sanctions to those who break the law by giving criminal penalties and providing rehabilitation. There is mitigation of crime in criminal justice. It also deals with the protection of individuals from abuse…
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Developing your evaluation design and methods:Required elements for Assessment 2. For subject(7022CCJ Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis)
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Extract of sample "Developing your evaluation design and methods:Required elements for Assessment 2. For subject(7022CCJ Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis)"

Download file to see previous pages For the rest of the paper, there will be a consideration of domestic violence in depth. This includes the evaluation of the question, assessing the crime, its occurrence in society, the places highly prone to the domestic violence, ways to deal with the crime, the effects of domestic violence and a conclusion (James, 2006).
Domestic violence is a crime under the law. The government has led many reforms relating to domestic violence over years. It mostly involves brutalisation of women and children. There have been demands by human rights bodies to criminalise domestic violence though it has been futile. There has been the critic from researchers and victim advocates concerning domestic violence and the way it is considered in the modern society (Larry, 2008).
Considering women and children, the evaluation of domestic violence can be done. The individuals under study are mostly at homes and schools. Areas prone to domestic violence include the sub-Saharan Africa. This is on the basis that women are considered as of little necessity to the society. The law of these regions does not provide the rights to women. The criminal justice of these regions has the permission from the law to prosecute those that violate women and children. Instead, they ignore such laws claiming that women have no discipline, thus they need some beating. Children, on the other hand, find themselves on the cross fire and thus, they are falling victims of domestic violence. The crime is mostly due to drug and alcohol abuse by men in these regions (Larry, 2008).
Considering field research study, research shows that the reason why domestic violence has taken root its is due to the fact that criminal justice agencies do not treat domestic violence as a serious matter. Though there are policies that criminalise domestic violence the charge and rate of conviction are low. There is no coordination of cases, especially relating to domestic violence, in criminal justice offices (George, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing Your Evaluation Design and methods:Required Elements for Essay.
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