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Leisure Operational Management Budgeting Assignment - Essay Example

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The services offered to customers will include physical therapy, baby care services for parents who wish to care for their young ones while…
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Leisure Operational Management Budgeting Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Today’s active lifestyle, stress which is as a result of work and family duties affect the lifestyle we live. Sleeping hours are usually reduced due to the several commitments in which people engage in. Lack of adequate sleep leads to restlessness, decreased reaction time, as well as lowering levels of energy. The effects of inadequate sleep as so dangerous to the body, they lead to low immunity system leaving the body vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Work out gym is a potential business market; it will enable people to work on their cardio (Meddis, 1977).
Canterbury Christ Church University is a university on the move. There is a steady increase in population growth every year. The current population ant the university is high. The growth in population has been necessitated by the number of students being admitted as well as the population neighboring the university. This has attracted the need to set up a workout gym that will target the customers around as well as within the university. The work out gym will target the students, and the population around the university.
Entrepreneurs willing to venture into the leisure market especially work out gyms have got the opportunity to invest in this very appealing business. The leisure industry especially investing in gym services to the customers is in good condition and there are several customers wiling to pay for the services offered. Consumers who are employed have got money to spend in the work out gyms due to the nature and hours they take at work, leisure is crucial to any human being. Health concerns remain the main concern why people will have to seek the services of a work out gym. Further, flexible working hours as well as long weekends will enable consumers to exercise effectively in this facility.
Success in the leisure industry especially in the work out gym ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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