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Beach Bum Gym - Thesis Example

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Beach Bum Gym Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Industry and Proposed Company 4 Products and Services 4 Market Analysis 6 Economics of the Business 12 Marketing Plan 15 Design and Development Plan 19 Manufacturing and Operations Plan 20 Management Team 21 Sustainability and Impact 24 Overall Schedule 25 Risks, Potential Obstacles and Assumptions 25 The Financial Plan 27 Proposed Funding Requirements 29 References 30 Executive Summary The purpose of the report is to develop a gym business plan named ‘Beach Bum Gym’, in the Hamptons beach area of New York…
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Beach Bum Gym
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Extract of sample "Beach Bum Gym"

Download file to see previous pages It will provide exclusive services to the customers by expert trainers. Furthermore, the cost of the services will also be attractive for customers. Beach Bum Gym will simply target the young and adult customer segment within the age group between 16 to 34 years. It is expected that the gym will gain significant profit and sales in due course of its operations. The management team of the business will consist of manager, instructors, security personnel and receptionists who will help to run and to manage the club operations effectively. It is expected that in order to open the business almost US$ 635,00 will be required as startup fund. The major competitive advantages of the gym will be its locational advantages, inexpensive membership fees and attractive workout atmosphere. Industry and Proposed Company Gym i.e. fitness and health industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In recent years, this industry has displayed considerable progress in terms of revenue and memberships. According to the data of ‘International Heath, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’ the revenue of gym clubs in the US had increased by 5% to US$ 21.4 billion in the year 2011 than the previous year. The number of membership has also augmented by 2.4% to 51.4 million than 2010 (South University, 2011). As stated by IBIS World, the demand for gym, fitness and health clubs will increase on upcoming days and people are becoming more conscious with regard to maintaining healthy lifestyle and focusing more on staying fit (IBISWorld, 2012). Due to the obesity related influences in the US, fitness and weight loss has gained increased popularity. In the year 2009, the number of gym clubs was 26830 which had increased to 29960 in 2011 (South University, 2011). Considering the industry attractiveness, the business plan is proposed for developing a gym club named ‘Beach Bum Gym’. The club will be located on beach area of Hampton, US and will provide workout and gym facilities to the people. Although the industry is lucrative but it is highly cyclical and competitive business and thus, Beach Bum Gym has to compete with other health and fitness clubs in the Hampton area. Products and Services Beach Bum Gym will have different products and services for people. The products of the gym would be divided into three categories i.e. nutrition products, fitness products, and gym accessories. The following table will describe the products that will be offered by the Beach Bum Gym for customers: Nutrition Products Body Fitness Products Gym Accessories Energy Drinks Treadmills Headphones Supplements Dumbbells Music Health Drinks Elliptical Clothing General Nutrition Stationary Bikes Fitness DVD Sport Drinks Rowing Machines Protein Weight Benches Barbells Source: (Gymlink Australia, 2011) Apart from several products, Beach Bum Gym will also provide numerous services to the customers. The services that will be provided by the Beach Bum Gym would be fitness classes, individual training and group workouts. Beach Bum Gym will provide different membership options for people on the basis of time and purchasing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Beach Bum Gym Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5500 Words.
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