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Business Plan on The Fitness Club - Essay Example

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The opening of the report consists of the background information about the Fitness Club, its mission and vision; strengths and competencies; challenges the Fitness Club is faced. The report continued with the financial highlights: start-up costs; expected growth in revenue and in profit…
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Business Plan on The Fitness Club
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the Fitness Club will provide workout and various fitness routines. It will also help develop individual diet plans for its members. Health clubs and gyms business is booming all over the world and UK is no exception. People are getting interested in losing weight and eating healthy. Staying in shape and looking ‘good’ is the new trend and people are willing to invest money in their health plans and the Fitness Club is here to help them. What sets this club apart from other health clubs is the variety it offers at a very low cost. It can be afforded by people from all walks of life. They not only get the place to get in shape but coaches customize their diet plans and encourage them to keep up with the schedule. The coaches and nutritionists at this club are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They have helped so many people achieve their dream body figure. Other than the fitness trend, the fact that a huge market area is till untapped justifies this business plan. People are also joining health clubs to stay away from obesity and its related diseases. According to a survey, 17% of boys and 16% of the girls in UK between ages 12-15, have some form of obesity (BBC, 2012). That is why it is a great opportunity to cash in this factor and get people motivated to achieve a healthy life style and this club exactly does that. Competitors in the health and fitness industry mostly ignore low income people and a perception has started to develop that health and fitness clubs are only for rich people. ...
This perception is completely wrong and needs to be taken off the market. Even though the fitness market is extremely competitive but there is a lot of room for growth. Health awareness and fashion clothing are the main contributors towards motivating people to join health clubs. State of the art equipment will be available for all members of The Fitness Club. Financial Highlights Start-up Costs Expected Growth in Revenue Expected Growth in Profit Company Description 1.1 Company Overview The Fitness Club will start its central office in Bicester Oxon, UK this June 2012. Later on, more branches will be opened throughout UK starting from Edinburg. The company is also looking forward to opening health centres in areas of UK that haven’t been tapped by fitness industry. The Fitness club is planning to provide great quality fitness services at extremely competitive costs. The objective is to appeal to the affordability of the customers so that people from all walks of life could join in. 1.2 Mission & Vision Vision: To create sentience among people about healthy lifestyle. Mission: To provide custom made exercises and meal plans for the mass market. 1.3 Strengths and Competencies State of the art fitness equipment available to use at the lowest price Highly qualified and experienced trainers and nutritionists Dedicated staff that actually inspires and motivates people 1.4 Challenges Despite of having the advantage of highly qualified coaches and nutritionists, there are few competitors that can cause neck to neck competition. The Fitness Club will have to plan its strategy of promotion and marketing by keeping an eye on ‘The Fitness Company’, which operates exactly in the same area where the central office will be built ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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