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Systems Design for Fitness Centers - Business Plan Example

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This business plan "Systems Design Plan for Fitness Centers" describes the system that will offer customer access to the database and accompanying software either within the fitness center, on a PDA or laptop and on the website. This system may be used by both members and fitness consultants…
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Systems Design Plan for Fitness Centers
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Extract of sample "Systems Design for Fitness Centers"

Download file to see previous pages There will also be a couple of internet-connected machines in the clubs' juice and snack bar for customer use. This system will be used by both members and fitness consultants to track participation in various fitness activities, such as free weights, volleyball, swimming, stair climbers, and yoga and aerobic classes.
The database will record the vital information of each member, their account and status, their personal profile and regime design. Each customer will have a barcode card that can be used to swipe when they begin and end a module. This will record the activity in their personal database. If the customer is using a machine that is capable of recording information such as calories burned or heart rate achieved, the interface will ask a customer to enter the appropriate amounts at the end of the activity on a simple keypad. These figures will be entered into the database along with the elapsed time.
Employees can access portions of customer information as needed. However, the customer can choose to keep certain information confidential. In addition, certain non-confidential information will be entered into a corporate database for marketing and service development functions. AT any time an employee can see how many members are on-site and can see a visual representation of their distribution throughout the club. Members can be located for emergency messages etc. In order to plan for expansions, generic, non-identifiable information will be entered into a planning database. Instructors and trainers can enter information while working with the customer.
Customers can access their own profiles and database from any web browser at any time. They will, thus, be able to add activities outside of the health club. Each customer will be aided by a program specialist to create their own plan according to their personal goals. All members will be provided with a club email address complementary with their paid membership. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Systems Design Plan for Fitness Centers Business.
“Systems Design Plan for Fitness Centers Business”.
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