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Fitness Center's System Development Plan - Case Study Example

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An "information system" is a collection of people, software, data, hardware, communications, and processes that work collectively to achieve a common purpose. Systems development is the activity of creating a new business system or altering a current business system…
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Fitness Centers System Development Plan
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Extract of sample "Fitness Center's System Development Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The system will benefit both members and fitness consultants by tracking participation in various fitness activities, such as free weights, volleyball, swimming, stair climbers, and yoga and aerobic classes. It will help the members (customers of the organization) plan fitness programs to meet their particular needs. Not only will the system ensure easy access to information to the customers but it will also provide information regarding general customer preferences, the number of customers and keep track of and predict revenues to the management. The information system will thus enable the Fitness Center in obtaining a competitive edge over other fitness clubs as envisioned by the top management.
"The Fitness Centre" will be required to establish a project team to work on the project from beginning till the end. The team will include all stakeholders such as the managers, fitness consultants, customers, systems development specialists and support personnel. The development team will be responsible for determining the objectives of the information system and delivering a system that meets these objectives to the organization.
Systems Analyst - A systems analyst is a professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business systems and is responsible for designing and developing an information system. Systems Analyst serves as a bridge or link between the technical and non-technical staff, conveying and explaining the requirements of one party to the other and vice versa.
Software builder and programmers - Professionals who will write the coding for the actual software
Technical specialists and the support staff:
Network engineers - responsible for installing and maintaining local area networks
Data warehousing specialists - for developing and designing enterprise-wide applications for data mining
Database administrators - administration and control of data and information resources
Data communications specialists - they will be responsible for evaluation, installation, and monitoring data communications equipment and software.

All the above mentioned groups should be grouped into teams each having a team leader and all the team leaders will be made responsible to the project manager. The project manager is tasked with the responsibility of planning, controlling, staffing scheduling and organizing the whole project.

2. Plan
a. Outline the considerations for systems investigation, based on input and output information sources.

The basic consideration for systems investigation is that the research should be based on substantive theoretical and methodological grounds. There are two main phases in systems investigation (each with two aspects):

Investigation & Analysis
Recording & Presentation

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