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The Olympic Games will be held in Britain this summer. Is this all good news What might be the objections to hosting this event - Essay Example

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Moreover these victories are symbols of developments in a country. Olympics provide an opportunity to the host nation to demonstrate their financial, infrastructure development and technological abilities whereas for the…
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The Olympic Games will be held in Britain this summer. Is this all good news What might be the objections to hosting this event
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Extract of sample "The Olympic Games will be held in Britain this summer. Is this all good news What might be the objections to hosting this event"

Download file to see previous pages Beijing Olympics is believed to be the best Olympics held in the history. Britain wanted to conduct the coming Olympics even better. The competition between host nations caused huge financial burdens upon the host nations.
“London’s Olympics has become the subject of fierce debate four years before the torch is even lit. Time Out explores the pros and cons of the 2012 Games, arguing that the event will significantly boost the capital and the nation”(Hodges, 2012). Many people already questioned the logic of spending too much money for London Olympics, especially at a period in which Britain is struggling to revive its economy. It should be noted that recent recession caused huge damages to British economy and Olympics like expensive events may worsen the problem further. This paper argues against spending too much money for London Olympics.
Hosting is very expensive. In recent times the Olympics have never made a direct profit. The bidding process alone for 2012 will cost each bidding city around £20m and whichever is selected will expect to pay at least £6.5bn (Paris). With increased security fears Athens spent $1.5bn on security out of a total of $12bn on the 2004 games. The burden of this cost falls on government (and therefore the taxpayer), companies and individuals. Both Paris and London’s local governments have put aside around £2.4bn which will mean £20 per year extra in tax for every household in the cities (Bailey, 2008).
Some of the recent reports showed that the total expenditure of London Olympics may cross even 9.3 billion pounds ($13.54 billion). It should be noted that many people in Britain are currently struggling because of the negative impacts of recent recession. The organizers of London Olympics are of the view that Olympics may stimulate the country’s economy. In their opinion, tourism revenues could be increased a lot as result of London Olympics. But, they are keeping a blind eye towards the fact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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