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Military life and business world - Admission/Application Essay Example

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My Grandfather and my Father had served in the World War II and in Afghanistan back in Soviet Union, respectively. When we moved to United…
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Military life and business world
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Download file to see previous pages My work experience while in active duty in US army is comprised of 3 years–from 2005 to 2008–as infantryman and a 15-month–from September 2006 to December 2007–tour in Iraq. During this time, my outlook and perspective in life have changed 180 degrees. My priorities and attitudes have changed. This was the time when I learned to care for others; to be kind for the needy; and to be helpful for everyone.
Gradually, I have developed the qualities of diligence, respect, faith and self-reliance. With my determination and the will to persevere, I eventually became a team leader in my unit. With the demanding nature of my career, I have learned to discern and to probe intelligently because it is a need for a soldier especially if assigned in conflict-ridden areas such as Iraq.
Although situation in Iraq was very dire, I was able to maintain a positive outlook in life. My view on life’s hardship as just a challenge one could surpass still remained. During this stint I always came up victorious and gratuitous. The only transformation I have observed so far was the way I deal with people. When I was young, I didn’t care for people so much, I only make it sure that people should be envious of me and our close-knit family. We were so well-off that I can easily obtain what I wished for from my Father. But after my stint in the US Army, I saw the face of poverty and I have felt the sensation of pity. That was the moment when I have started to care for other people especially the women and children.
Unconsciously, I became a well-rounded person and a good leader. The outlook and perspective in life still remains up to now that I am a veteran serving as a president of veterans in my college. As a matter of fact, I have made many contributions to the organization which is comprised of 350 veterans like me. I took care many of them and I was able to put up the Memorial for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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